Plenty of seduction but less story and substance; and this is how we can define the sunny leone movie "Beiimaan Love" which was released across India on October 14, 2016.

As expected, the film is filled with love, lust, seduction, sex and betrayal, and these elements are enough and more to satisfy the needs of Sunny fans. Rajneesh Duggal and Sunny's husband, Daniel Weber have done other crucial roles in this Rajeev Chaudhari directorial.

The story of betrayal and vengeance

Sunny Leone has portrayed two different avatars in this flick; an aspiring business executive and a betrayed lady who is seeking revenge.

In the first half, Sunny's character meets a charming young man and falls and falls in love with him. But after utilising her, he dumps her. The rest of the story shows howSunny takes her revenge on him.

The storyline is cliched and repeatedly tried in the past, and we have seen similar kind of revenge stories many times in the past.

There is no freshness in the screenplay, but it is nothing but the ample skin show from Sunny which will hook the audiences to the theatre screens.

An in-and-out Sunny Leone show

This film is meant for Sunny Leone fans who look for seducing scenes from the starlet. The seductress was in full swing, and she literally sizzled in the romantic scenes with Rajneesh Duggal.

Daniel Webber, Sunny's husband who made his acting debut through this movie, has also done a decent job.

Box-office predictions;

The film will not create storms at thebox-office, but it will undoubtedly emerge as a safe bet for the producer, as it has Sunny Leone in the star cast.

It should be noted that there are no other big Bollywood releases this week, and it will help "Beiimaan Love" to earn more than 12 Crore INR by the end of this weekend.

Since there are no other regional films released today other than "Gandhigiri" a low-key storyline, "MS Dhoni, the Untold Story' or 'Kannada "DodmaneHudga" may still fare well at the box office this week in Inda..

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