Is Brandi Glanville making a return to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in season 7? Lisa Vanderpump answered this burning question when Entertainment Tonight asked the British reality star if her one-time-friend-turned-enemy is making a comeback in the upcoming season.

Will Brandi Glanville make a cameo appearance?

Lisa was all too happy to say that Brandi definitely won't be on "RHOBH" in season 7. Although she was seen in season 6 as a guest, Lisa assures fans that Glanville won't be on at all.

“Oh, no!” Vanderpump said about Brandi coming back to the show.

“Absolutely not. No, I don't think Brandi's gonna be back. Well, definitely not on our show.”

The ET reporter asked Lisa if Brandi is on her "blacklist" and she said she's not on her list at all.

There isn't much love loss between Lisa and Brandi. As fans may recall, Brandi slapped Lisa in season 5 of the show. Things were rocky for the two before that incident, but Brandi managed to burn her bridges completely with Lisa after that attack.Lisa Vanderpump was also asked about what's ahead for season 7 of the show. She said it's going "to be a bit of a tumultuous ride" and a "bumpy road" ahead.

Lisa addressed having her good friend, Dorit Kemsley, on the show. She's already been confirmed as a new cast member to "RHOBH." The fashion designer and Lisa have been longtime friends.The restaurant businesswoman made it clear that this time someone is on the show as a friend that she can trust.

“She's actually a friend of mine, so I like her," Lisa said. "Normally, they beat me up, so this one worked!”

Eden Sassoon, another friend of Lisa Vanderpump's, is also confirmed as a new cast member.

Relationship dynamics will be changed

Lisa reaffirmed claims already made by Kyle Richards that relationship dynamics will be "changed" up in season 7.

No details from Vanderpump were disclosed regarding this spoiler, but it's safe to say with two new ladies on the cast, there's going to be some sizing up of one another.

Are you surprised to hear that Brandi Glanville won't be on the next season of "RHOBH"?

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 7 will premiere in late fall.