As Mariah Carey announced her final Las Vegas Colosseum at Caesar's shows, she flaunted that fabulous new body makeover she debuted last November. Carey appears to have lost about 45 pounds, but doctors doubt that diet or exercise alone are responsible.

Images with new beau James Packer showed that Mariah has a much smaller waist, abdomen, and hips from just a few months earlier but she's lost nothing in her face, arms, legs or breasts. Cosmetic surgeons pose a tummy tuck with liposuction or coolsculpting plastic surgery for Carey's new look.

Mariah Carey says no surgery

Carey has denied rumors in the past of plastic surgery. Experts are pretty sure she's had some kind of breast augmentation after having her twins with Nick Cannon. A breastfeeding mother will have somewhat larger breasts but only when engorged.

The changed shape and size of Mariah's chest suggests a boob job, not lactation. The shape of her mouth and face have changed too, suggesting Botox or some lip implants. About the weight loss, most Celebrities would be crowing from the rooftops if they'd done it with diet or exercise. Adele is rightly proud of her transformation. So isJordin Sparksof hers.But Mariah Carey has been curiously cagey about the cause of her sudden dramatic size difference.

Experts point to various hallmarks of plastic surgery compared to a makeover from lifestyle changes or eating habits.

Carey's new look suggests coolsculpting, tummy tuck

When you lose weight, the first place it shows is not in the belly or buttocks, but in the face, typically. Carey has virtually the same rounded look, perhaps a tad thinner.

But not the apparent 45-60 pound difference. Doctors estimate that in June 2015 she weighed over 200 pounds but in five months she appeared dramatically smaller. Also, plastic surgeons say that the breasts are almost always smaller after weight loss, and Mariah hasn't lost hers.

Breast augmentation could account for that. But Carey's legs and arms don't seem noticeably smaller either.

In short, diet and exercise don't hone down just one area of the body, and if they did it wouldn't be the thighs, abdomen, hips or waist.

The only way to achieve "weight loss" spot treatments is with abdominoplasty and lipoor coolsculpting (fat freezing). Mariah Carey lost weight the old-fashioned way a few years ago, but doctors are skeptical about this transformation.