Burke Ramsey, brother of murdered child pageant starJonBenet Ramsey, gave his first interview on Dr. Phil, and dad John Ramsey gave his last. Burke denies that he or his parentshad anything to do with the child's death. DNA evidence cleared Burke Ramsey and his parents in the death of JonBenet in 2008. Boulder police were discovered innumerous lies, cover-ups and dropped balls. But the weird behavior of Burke and his parents feeds theories on their guilt. Dr. Phil details exhaustive evidence that proves no one in the Ramsey house had anything to do with JonBenet's murder.

He also explains the family's strange behavior and Burke's bizarre smile.

JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation botched, period

On Christmas night, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found beaten, presumably sexually assaulted and dead in her family's basement in Boulder, Colorado. What started as a kidnapping investigation turned into murder. It made the family instant though unenviable Celebrities. The nation was polarized over intruder theory and guilt of mother Patsy Ramsey, father John, or 9-year-old brother Burke. Thanks to the Boulder police leaking "information," ignoring intruder reports, allowing evidence to be tampered with, covering up DNA evidence,giving false reports to entrap family, giving tabloid propaganda,and flat-out lying, the Ramsey family was assumed guilty, even after being repeatedly cleared.

Police actually suppressed a report of a man dressed as a Ninja raping a child in her home nearby around the same time. They ignored the obvious link to JonBenet.In short, Boulder cops wanted someone in the Ramsey family to have done it. .

Odd behavior of Burke Ramsey, parents

Part of what fuels family involvement theories is that Burke Ramsey smiles and even laughs inappropriately in the Dr.

Phil interview. His mother Patsy and dad John showed similar unusual affect. Patsy was bombastic and theatrical and John was wooden. Even in the kidnapping 911 call, Patsy sounded like she was playing the part of a terrified mother. But Mrs. Ramsey was an actress, of sorts. As a beauty queen and pageant mom,she was used to posing and being ever camera ready.

John Ramsey was a businessman where professional cool is mandatory. As for Burke's notorious smile, Dr. explained that he's just nervous and shy. If you look closely at his smile, you can see that it masks great emotion. Expressions of grief are personal, reminds Dr. Phil. And regardless, how a person shows emotion has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. While DNA evidence is conclusive--the Ramseys didn't do it.