Last season in The 100, Lexa died. Fans were upset about how meaningless it seemed as well as creator Jason Rothenberg's response to the outrage. In the season 3 finale, Alycia Debnam-Carey returned to help Clarke save the day. Everyone is wondering if there is a chance the actress could come back in season 4. During Comic-Con 2016, the executive producer answered that question.

Lexa's character in 'The 100' left an impression

Alycia Debnam-Carey's character in The 100 was complicated. It seemed to some that she was cold and ruthless, but that wasn't exactly accurate.

Lexa was theleader of the Grounders. In her clan, to show emotion was a sign of weakness and it was also something she was not used to doing. Over time, viewers began to realize how deeply she cared for Clarke. Just when viewers were beginning to truly understand the commander, she was killed.

Clarke and Lexa's relationship in 'The 100'

The couple became known on the Internet as "Clexa." Even though there were issues between them, viewers were overjoyed when Eliza Taylor's character got back together with the Grounder leader. However, their reunion would be short-lived. Debnam-Carey's character died protecting Clarke, something she must feel guilty about.

The most controversial death on 'The 100'

After Lexa died in season 3, fans were upset. They found that the way she exited the post-apocalyptic series was meaningless and not true to how her character should have died. That wasn't the only thing to anger fans, though. Creator Jason Rothenberg was unsympathetic, which only enraged viewers.

Petitions were even created to bring Alycia back to The CW series.

Lexa in the season 3 finale of 'The 100'

Even though there was outrage over her death, Debnam-Carey returned for the season finale, titled "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two." She arrived in the City of Light just in time to save Clarke. Fans were excited and glad to see Alycia return to reprise her role in battle, just the way it should have been done in the beginning.

Will Lexa come back to 'The 100' in season 4?

Unfortunately, Jason Rothenberg revealed at Comic-Con that Lexa will not be returning in season 4. However, the creator and executive producer promised that the Flame will still be an important part of the show when it returns.

The 100 season 4 will come back to The CW network in early 2017.