Just a few days ago on September 8, Kendall and Kylie Jennerwere stuck in the elevator in their $7.35 million apartment in New York after the door got jammed and did not open for about 20 minutes. Kendall, 20, and Kylie, 19, were with two of their friends, Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods. The Jenners were reportedly asked to pay the bill for the damage done to the elevator in an attempt to get the door to open. In most cases, people don't have to pay when theyget stuck in elevators in public buildings. So, why are people suggesting the reality stars should be required to pay?

Well, residents of the building think they should have to pay for the damage.

Residents want them to pay

If residents had their way, Kim Kardashian'syounger sisters would pay for the damage to the elevator they got trappedin because they allegedly caused the elevator to malfunction. The other occupants of the building blame the famous sisters because Kendall, Kylie, and their two friends held the elevator door open longer than they should have. In fact, witnesses say they held the door open while it continued to beep for them to let it close. Because they held the door open so long, it went off its track.

Property manager won't charge them

Surely, the Jenner women could afford to pay if they had to, but property manager Steven Schnall says the women weren't to blame.

Therefore, they are not required to pay for the damage or the personnel who worked to free them from the stuck elevator. Schnall said the elevator has gotten stuck a couple of times before.

It was not unusual for Kylie to document their experience on Snapchat. Kendall was initially afraid, but later she continued topressdifferent buttons and she even pushed the door in an attempt to open it.

When the four women were freed from the elevator, they thanked the firemen and did what people expected them to do. Theyposed for a photograph with the city's fire department. Do you think they caused the door to get stuck?Do you think the women should be required to pay for the damage?