Last season onBachelor in Paradise fans saw Carly Waddell get her heart broken by Kirk DeWindt. This couple looked like they would make it, but instead, they split at the last minute. Carly was broken hearted, but it all worked out in the end. This season she has found love with Evan Bass and it is totally different for her. Kirk DeWindt is speaking out and saying he did the right thing by breaking up with Carly last season.

What did Kirk have to say?

Kirk DeWindt spoke out to Bustle and shared his thoughts on Carly. He doesn't have anything bad to say about her at all, though.

Kirk said, "Carly has a really good heart, and I really just hope she's happy. That's the honest truth. It's really hard, because we just weren't a good fit. We really weren't — in my eyes, anyway." Carly was sure they were a good fit last season, but it seems like now that she has moved on she may realize it too.

Kirk went on to explain more saying, "The show puts a lot of pressure in a short amount of time to make a decision about a relationship and I had to listen to my gut on that." Kirk admits that he knew that they were not right for each other while on the show, and there was no reason for him to put off breaking up with her until the show was over.

Kirk DeWindt went on to say that even when he was with Carly Waddell, he made sure that he didn't make any promises that he couldn't keep.

Kirk doesn't feel like he mislead her at all, but he does think that they had a really good time together. Kirk enjoyed his time with Carly even if she wasn't the one that he was going to spend the rest of his life with after the show. Now Carly has found love with someone else. Kirk feels like America saw their story from Carly's eyes and not his.

Honestly, a lot of people thought he was the bad guy, but from his side of it, Kirk doesn't seem to think that he was that bad of a person.

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