Amber Rose debuted her dance moves last week on the premiere of Season 23 of "Dancing With The Stars." It didn't take long for Rose to create a little bit of controversy with her role on the show. Soon after her first performance, Amber reportedly began complaining that the reality TV dance competition might be rigged.

Do 'Dancing With The Stars' producers pick favorites?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Amber Rose is already complaining about her competition on "DWTS." Apparently, there is a rumor going around that Amber has complained that winning that Mirror Ball Trophy might be difficult for her because it seems like the winner has already been decided.

Amber Rose has reportedly been talking to her friends about her time on "Dancing With The Stars." They have said that Amber feels like winning is going to be an "uphill battle" and that those involved with the show are giving her co-star Olympian Laurie Hernandez more airtime than anyone else.

There are rumblings that Amber has reportedly complained to friends about the cast of "DWTS" and their appearance on "Good Morning America." According to the reports, Amber felt like Laurie Hernandez was given much of the spotlight during the "GMA" cast reveal, proving that she is the cast favorite while sheand others haven't received as much attention.

Will Amber Rose and MaksimChmerkovskiy have a chance at winning the Mirror Ball Trophy?

Rose also thinks that she was paired with MaksimChmerkovskiy for his Season 23 return to the dancing competiton because both of them can stir up quite a bit of controversy and with that, headlines. That said, Amber is intent on becoming a real competitive force even if she is not someone they think can win.

She doesn't want to be the controversial dancer this time around.Rather than create drama with the often dramatic Maks, Amber Rose is intent on putting her best foot forward and doing everything she can to win "Dancing With The Stars.

Do you think Amber Rose is right and that "Dancing With The Stars" producers already have a favorite dancing duo picked out? Or does Amber just need to put in some work if she wants to take home the Mirror Ball Trophy during Season 23 of the NBC hit?