Ishqbaaaz,the Indian Television serial which is being aired on Star Plus is now the hottest pick among females in India during the prime time slot.The series is witnessing record viewership for the past couple of months; thanks to the engaging style of storytelling and overdose of melodrama which are prerequisites to meet the needs of family audiences.

The main highlight of this serial is the lovely performance of Nakul Mehata as Shivaay. The supporting star cast which includes, Kunal Jaisingh and Linesh Mattoo are also performing decently in their respective roles.

September 08 episode:

It is raining heavily outside, and Anika is waiting for it to stop. At that time, Dadi asks her to stay back, as it is a riskto go out during rain time. In the next scene, we can see Anika, Malika, and Saumya watching a horror movie. They all now start discussing that movie, and Saumya tells that this is the scariest movie which she has watched in her life.

Soon Shivaay enters the sceneand starts making fun of the ladies. He says that girls have no mental strength, and it is not wise for them to watch horror movies alone.

In the next scene, we can see Malika wearing a ghost's dress trying to scare Om.

Unfortunately, her plan goes in vain, and the ghost attire makes Om laugh to the fullest.

At this juncture, Saumya gives a fake snake to Anika and she throws it on Shivaay. But Shivaay takes the snake with his handand says that he has a very strong mental state. Malika tells that is quite difficult to scareawaystrong persons like Om and Shivaay.

During one of the previous episodes, when Anika gets caught in a poisonous gas leak attack on the Oberoi House. It was Shivaay who helps her to get out of the dangerous situation.

He saves her life by getting her out of the home and sprinkles some water on her. Then she regains herconsciousness.

Now, Malika and Anika starts discussing various topics, and the episode comes to an end.

Many episodes like TaraqMehta and Tashn-e-Ishq are being aired on channels since 4-5 years. Tashn-e-Ishq will be one of the serials that will go off the air this month.