Thank goodness for live TV coverage. I mean, think about how much less fun the world would be if everything on television was taped in advance in order to edit out or re-tape any mistakes. This video of the funniest viral news bloopers of 2016 is a perfect example of this – take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Funniest news bloopers 2016 video

Here’s a video compilation of the most hilarious news bloopers so far this year:

You don’t need audio to appreciate these fantastic on-screen blunders made on live TV, but the video is much funnier if you can also hear what’s going on.

In case you’re unable to see the video for some reason, let me give you a description of just what’s going on here, so that you can feel a little better about your day after watching what happens to these people on live TV, with millions watching.

Highlights from these hilarious news bloopers.

The scene of our first news blooper appears to be a cooking spot on the afternoon news in Italy. For some reason, the special guest thought it would be a good idea to show everyone that she can jump into a split – in a dress and platform heels. Long story short, she gets stuck like that, and the hosts have to help her awkwardly roll onto her side to try to get up.

Next, we have a news program in Germany, where the attractive blonde news anchor gives us five beautiful seconds of dead air.

It’s hard to tell if she actually dozed off with the camera rolling or if she was reading her notes. Anyway, her reaction when she realizes she’s on air is pretty adorable.

Our next news blooper takes place on an ice skating rink, so you can see where this is headed. The field journalist and the man she is interviewing are ice skating backwardsand just as the reporter exclaims how incredible it feels, she loses her balance and face plants.


My last favorite is on an Arabic news program. It seems like the anchor’s daughter was backstage in charge of mommy’s cell phone, and when it rang, she runs on camera to give it to her. Impressively, mom looks pretty unfazed by this.