After making jokes about “assassinating the President” in front of hundreds of fans, Johnny Depp has now released a statement to formally apologize for his controversial comments. CNN reported that following his rather strong comment, which has been construed by some as a call to get rid of President Donald Trump, the White House was quick to respond and immediately issued a statement condemning the 54-year old actor.

Public apology

In a recently released statement, the “Edward Scissorhands” actor apologized for his comments and called it a “bad joke” that was in “Poor Taste.” According to People, the actor also explained that everything apparently just didn’t come out as intended and that he meant no malice in what he had said.

Depp also mentioned that he only wanted to amuse his fans and that he never wanted to harm anyone.

Immediate response

Shortly after Depp appeared at the Glastonbury Festival in England to promote his new movie, “The Libertine,” the White House immediately released a statement condemning his comments. During the event, Depp asked fans about when exactly was the last time that an actor had assassinated a president. Depp didn’t really mention President Trump during his speech, but it was clearly implied. If that wasn’t enough Depp ended it by proclaiming that “it has been a while” and that “maybe, it’s about time.”

The White House mentioned in their statement hours after the event had occurred that President Trump has always condemned violence in all forms.

The statement then called out other actors and actresses not to follow Depp in using this kind of humor seeing as that it will have some unforeseen repercussions.

Possible consequences

The Secret Service also released their own statement and explained that they are actively looking out for any possible threats against the president, which means that they are keeping a close eye on social media chatter.

The agency also mentioned that they are implementing different security measures to ensure that the threat itself does not escalate.

Based on what had happened to comedian Kathy Griffin, who was shown in a video holding a decapitated doll’s head that looked like President Trump, Depp may be in a world of trouble in the coming days.

Griffin still remains to be under investigation by the Secret Service, which means that Depp could be expecting a visit from the agency very soon as well. It has yet to be seen what the possible consequences of Depp's statements will be, but it likely not be as severe as what Griffin was put through due to her controversial video.