Funny girl Amy Schumer lost weight recently and the reasons for her weight loss will alarm you. The "Trainwreck" star was railroaded by fat-shaming comments and took offense at Glamour magazine labeling her plus-size. Schumer got skinnier to avoid offending sensibilities. Paradoxically, the comedienne scoffed at the Hollywood weight obsession and notions of obesity but then kowtowed to it. But Amy got the last laugh assuring everyone that fat or not, she could "catch a d--k" anytime she wanted. Well, that's something to take comfort in.

Comedian not laughing at fat references

In an effort to praise plus-sized women, Glamour mag did a cover on "Women Who Inspire Us: Melissa McCarthy, Adele, Amy Schumer and Ashley Graham." Now three of these people are kind of the same but one of these doesn't belong. Each of the other women are or have been obese while Schumer assures folks she's a size 6-8 (after or before weight loss she didn't say). And the other three women have also lost weight, too. So kudos to Glamour for the (perhaps patronizing) shoutout, but it begs questions. Are these ladies inspiring because they were overweight and proud or because they lost the weight? Coming from a rag that exploits the stick-thin supermodel image, it's somewhat backhanded.

Schumer's reason for pound shedding hurts

This is the part that will really upset you--Amy said that she lost weight so as not to hurt peoples' eyes. What hurts is to hear a woman (or anyone) say that.Where is all that spunk Schumer is famous for? She back-talked a creep who yelled, "show us your t*ts" at a concert recently.

She claims that no matter whether she is plus-sizein the Glamour definition or not, she can still attract men and command sex. How very Parthian and sad--is that what it's all about after all? Does body image rely on sexual conquest for validation? Doth the lady protest too much?

Schumer upset by girls' body image or her image?

Schumer says she's concerned for young girls who see her being labeled as plus-sized when she only weighs 160 pounds. Why did she feel the need to give her weight? Is there something to prove? Sure, being called overweight when you're not would be annoying. But what exactly is overweight or obesity? Size 12-16 (depending on who you ask) is plus-sized. A BMI over 25 is overweight and over 30 is obese. But no one knows what your scale or clothing label says unless you tell them. Is this about kids or a reputation? Why the weight loss then? All this talk about loving your body the way it is rings hollow when people follow it up by changing their bodies.