This talented actress plays the role of Riley in the hot new mystery TV series "Beyond."She is best known for her role in the film "Silent Hill",CW’s"The Flash,"and a guest role on CBS’ new series "Ransom." Jacky adores sushi and her definition of a diet is no dessert before bed. She took time out of chat about her new show as well as her experience filming "The Flash." Beyond’ is set to premiere on Disney’s Freeform in January, 2017.

New mystery TV series ‘Beyond’

Colleen Bement: What are you allowed to share about your role and experiences on the set so far in the new series "Beyond"?

Jacky Lai: Freeform's "Beyond"is a new supernatural drama from the creators of NBC's "Heroes." It follows the story of Holden, a boy who has spent 12 years in coma. Emotionally he's a child, but physically he's an adult and he now must learn to navigate the world.

Jacky followed her heart

CB: You’ve got quite the story yourself. Tell your fans all about leaving everything and everyone you knew behind to move to Vancouver.

JL: It sounds a lot scarier than it felt. I was at a cross road in my life and after a 10 minute conversation with my agent (at the time), I headed to Vancouver. I had this gut feeling that it was now or never, and some unexplained assurance that it will all be okay. I’ve faced some of my hardest times here but my heart has never felt fuller.

Jacky was on "The Flash"

CB: I love "The Flash."What was it like being on the set?

JL: I was really excited to be a part of such an amazing franchise. The team is incredible and they have the resources to tell an amazing story. For one of our scenes, they shut down an entire power plant in Surrey, British Columbia.

Total sushi lover

CB: I read that you love nigiri without soy sauce? I can’t imagine, and I think you’re amazing.

JL: Talk sushi to me all day! The nigiri I love have very subtle and complementing flavors with no one ingredient overpowering another. I also love Vietnamese food. I grew up with it and the dishes are always bursting with flavor.

CB: You speak fluent Vietnamese all thanks to karaoke with your grandmother? This is a story I’ve got to hear. Please share.

JL:My Grandma is the best! She was afraid I’d be like the other second-generation kids and forget my heritage, so she convinced me to karaoke with her. Little did I know this was her clever attempt at getting me to learn Vietnamese. Now I can fluently speak, read, and write. Grandma did well!