Just another day as a member of the Gotti family for Victoria.

Victoria Gotti's home was raided by federal agents in Long Island and an auto parts store in Queens. The auto parts store is owned and operated by her sons. The IRS (internal Revenue Service) confirmed that a raid occurred at both locations, but refused to comment in regards to what the agents were looking for at her residence.

Gotti's new legal troubles

The Gotti's seem to be ready to handle the federal raids because this isn't the first time they were targeted by the government. In recent weeks the Gotti'shome was raided to issue an arrest warrant for "TeflonDon" grandson and Victoria's son, John Gotti for a drug offense.

Victoria's home.

When Victoria's children were teens, she had an A&E reality TV show called "Growing Up Gotti." It starred Victoria and her three sons, John, Carmine, and Frank.

All three children live at home with her in a 6,000 square feet mansion. A source told the "New York News" that her son's activity appears to be the reason that the fed raided her home. The feds revealed that "they had little to no interest in Victoria, as she has broken no laws."

Crime family.

Victoria's ex-husbandCarmine Agnello is a made member of the Gambino family. He is reportedly in his own legal trouble as he is awaiting trial for a stolen car ring in Ohio. Carmine'sattorney declined to comment about the IRS raids.

It looks like the newest raids are connected to John Gotti, Jr. and have nothing to do with Victoria or her ex-husband Carmine. He is awaiting trial for drug dealing and the authorities have stated they suspected that he was guilty of tax fraud. It looks like the IRS is hoping to gather up enough information to formally charge him.They raided his mom's house hoping to find something that would prove that he was guilty of tax fraud.

The question is, did they find what they were looking for?

Do you remember Victoria's show, "Growing Up Gotti"? Do you think the feds will charge John Gotti's grandson with tax fraud (or evasion)?

The story is still developing and more details will come to light over the next few weeks.