The recent episodes of the serial “Ek Duje Ke Vaste” aired on Sony Entertainment Television at 10 p.m. have been full of twists and turns.

The high-voltage drama came when Shravan (Namik Paul) suddenly marries Suman (Nikita Dutta) in court without any rituals or even family members but just before the ‘vidai ceremony,'he is kidnapped for few hours by Aaditya.

But Shravan beats him and reaches ‘Tiwari Qila’ to take Suman with him as his newly wedded wife to his home.

Yesterday’s episode was Suman and Shravan’s wedding night and was highly dramatic as on one side the difference between Suman and Shravan doesn’t seem to lessen, and their marriage looks like nothing romantic but just a word and on the other side Ramnath is cracking his head with tension as in spite of all his efforts Suman has become his daughter in law.

Kamini talks to Ramnath to convince him:

Kamini comes to his room and cunningly but very politely tries to convince him that now he should compromise with the situations and accept Suman as Shravan’s wife.

Though Ramnath tells Kamini that now there is no other choice left but to accept this marriage, yet he remains uncomfortable and thinks that how he can separate Sharavan and Suman.

He remains unaware that the couple does not share an intimacy of husband and wife even on the wedding night.

The situation between Suman and Shravan becomes awkward as now despite no love and intimacy in the marriage they will have to share a common bedroom.

Suman and Shravan have an argument over sharing the bathroom and Shravan has to use Servant’s washroom which is noticed by Kamini, and she tells Shravan that as now as Suman is his wife he should develop a habit of sharing everything with her.

The audience can expect more drama and emotional rides as regardless of love that remains the hearts of both Suman and Shravan the distance between them will increase each new day.

Only the forthcoming episodes will tell that how and when the duo will get intimate or Ramnath will succeed in separating them, so stay tuned for latest updates.