After the shocking reveal at the end of the Season 3, we now know that Liz and Tom received help from Kate in order to evade Red and live a normal life. Unfortunately for them, their reunion is extremely short lived, as Liz’s father attacks the happy family in Cuba and abducts his daughter before Red can reach them. The season premiere of NBC's"The Blacklist"focuses purely on Red’s attempt to rescue the one person he cares about more than anyone else in the world.

The truth can be divisive

Red is clearly shocked to hear that Kate, one of his oldest and closest confidants, has betrayed his trust in order to act against his best interest and help Liz.

The FBI task force that works with Liz and Red are just as shocked to hear that Liz is alive, and can’t help but feel betrayed that she went through such extreme measures to fake her own death. Each of the members within the team try to deal with this breach of trust in their own way.

As Harold and Ressler try to keep their head down and do their job, Navabi and Aram are conflicted about their feelings toward the situation. Aram feels betrayed but is still on-board with helping Tom and Red when called upon, but Navabi straight-out refuses to have any part in helping Liz after she broke her trust.

Liz’s origins

The truth about Liz’s family has been one of the core themes holding together "The Blacklist" from the very beginning.

We end up moving one step closer to finding out about her parents when she shares a series of conversations with Alexander Kirk during the course of this episode.

He claims to be her real father, and tells her that her mother and Red had a brief affair at one point in time, which is why Red came for Liz when she was young and has kept her in hiding all her life.

Liz refuses to believe Kirk and tries her best to help Red whenever he gets close to rescuing her. The fact that Kirk has taken Tom and Agnes away from Liz definitely did not help him gain her trust either.

Blacklist No 79: Esteban

Red pulls in all his resources in order to hunt down Liz and her family during this episode. He realizes that one of the blacklisters – Esteban, a man who knows about almost everything shady that happens in Cuba, could be the key in helping him find Liz.

He uses the help of the FBI to get a message across to Esteban, and arranges to meet him in order to arrange a deal. Ressler helps Red deliver the message to Esteban, but he is disturbed by Esteban’s operation.

Red promises Esteban safety from those attempting to hunt him down if he helps him find Liz. Esteban provides Red with key information that eventually leads to him tracking down Kirk and Liz. Unfortunately for Esteban, Ressler phones in an anonymous tip and ensures that the brutal gangster is taken to justice.

Meanwhile, Tom manages to escape his captors after several failed attempts and also chips in with valuable information regarding Liz and Agnes’ location. With all the intel in place, Red comes extremely close to finding Kirk and Liz, but Kirk manages to escape in the nick of time.

Red does, however, manage to secure Agnes, and he takes some consolation in that. By the end of the episode however, we see one of Kirk’s henchmen crash into Red’s car in order to take Agnes back to Kirk. The episode ends with Dembe, Red and Kate gravely wounded, and Agnes being recaptured by Kirk’s men.