"The Hangover" star Zach Galifianakis showed off mega weight loss at the 2015 Oscars. The once-chubby, now-lean actor created quite a twitter when "Birdman" took best picture. Galifianakis has actually changed quite a lot about his image, as reflected in his eponymous role in the FX series "Baskets." Galifianakis joked about his weight loss but finally shared how it happened. And his secrets might surprise even long-term dieters.

Zach Galifianakis weight loss secrets

Every time a celebrity loses weight, they get asked how they did it. Their tips typically involve portion control, surgery, a specific diet plan and exercise.

Galifianakis said he just quit drinking and eating fatty foods and the weight came off. That alcohol is a huge trigger of weight gain probably won't surprise. But the fact that quitting drinking, in and of itself, can lose a lot of pounds might.Received wisdom says you have to make lots of changes to lose lots of weight. However,one of the best-kept diet secrets is that making one change literally erase fat. That's not to say that you should cut foods or food groups from your diet. Eating plans that advise elimination of carbohydrates for example, aren't healthy. But there are a few things you can safely eliminate because they contain no food value. They are: soda pop, alcohol (particularly liquor) and refined sugar.

Alcohol has added disadvantages of endangering health. You can add ultra-processed foods to that list as there are healthier alternatives. Boxed and canned foods could (and should) be substituted for homemade, fresh, or frozen.

Galifianakis ironically happier outside comedy

From the ever-comic roles that characterize his career, Galifianakis has made a departure in his new show "Baskets." He plays a professional clown who takes himself very seriously.

It's a comedy with poignant overtones, like the tears of a clown. The irony, with Galifianakis doesn't end there. He seems happier in roles that aren't funny. It's like he can give himself permission to be a fully functioning person and not just the goofy sidekick. Perhaps weight loss has given Zach real joy. Now if only funnyman Seth Rogen would try being serious for a change.