It seems like everything comes back in style if you wait long enough, but that usually has to do with clothing styles and not sex tapes, but Kim Kardashian's famous sex tape has been resurrected in the name of art. Twin sisters who hail from New Jersey, but who work out of Los Angeles today have put their painting talents to use in a series of still shots from the Kim Kardashian-Ray J sex tape. This is the video that is credited for putting Kim on the map and then the rest of the Kardashian brood rode into fame on her coattails.

Sex tape reinvented

It just may be without that sex tape no one would be Keeping Up With the Kardashianstoday except maybe their neighbors! According to the Daily Mail, twin sisters Allie and Lexie Kaplan, 23, wanted to use their artistic talents for something that would create conversation. Most would agree they hit the nail on the head with this topic. Some of the still shots, which are seen on the Daily Mail, are a bit too graphic. Despite the porn-like subject matter, these young women have captured Kim on their canvas. They appear to be very talented artists.

Porn or art?

"Make Me Famous" is what they are calling the series of paintings, which is very fitting considering the sex tape did do that for Kim Kardashian.

The very controversial paintings are being called porn by some who are refusing to call them art. They did sell one of the portraits of Kim to a porn agency. One of the twin sisters said when she showed a painting to her boyfriend's mother, she wanted to know if it was a lollipop or cupcake that Kim had in her mouth. That mom was way off, it was neither!

Kim in compromising positions

The sisters painted Kim in the compromising positions that are seen on the tape. They have also given her an odd smile that they hope conjures a comical feeling when looking at the painting. There is no mistaking that the subject in the paintings is Kim Kardashian, as they've captured her facial features and other assets to the point where you would never question who the woman is in these pictures.

There is no word from Kim Kardashian or her camp on this artwork yet, but chances are Kim wouldn't be very happy to see this. Now that Kim is a mom of two and has moved on past her wild days she really is concentrating on family life. As far as art goes, the sisters realize this is extremely controversial and they've already been told by many people that this is not art, but porn. Lexie said that people should know they are not taking all this seriously and they are just having fun. Some might say they are having fun at someone else's expense.