Theo James’ “divergent” co-star Shailene Woodley who is constantly active in protesting against Dakota Access Pipeline, is once again in Hollywood’s rumor swirl. The leading actress of “Divergent” franchise is recently listed as one of the famous bisexual women.

Woodley on love and gender

In a recent piece of popular quotes by actresses, International Business Times have listed “Divergent” actress as one of the sixteen famous bisexual women. The piece has listed Woodley’s very touching quote about love. In a previous interview, the actress had revealed that she falls in love with people based on what kind of human being they are.

She added that she does not bother about their gender and what they do.

Long list of rumors

Woodley has not officially commented on the matter. She has been previously linked to Ellen Page. They both were reportedly seen together in the past getting flirty while enjoying in Los Angeles. Later on, it was also reported that the actress was spotted in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day, walking hand in hand with her girlfriend. Woodley was reportedly strolling with her through NOLA’s French Quarter, and they looked very cheerful. She had her arm around her reported girlfriend, and they looked being more than friends.

Woodley on Tris Prior

The 24-year-old actress played a strong role as Tris Prior in “Divergent” series.

She had revealed that she finds Tris’ character to be the most empowering character and by playing her, she has sent a message of empowerment to all the young girls around never to change you for anyone.

Passion for humanity

The actress went on to add that Prior does not change for the man she loves. She fights for what she believes in, and this is what according to Woodley is the most passionate about her.

She is always willing to risk her life for the sake of humanity. Woodley is proud to play Prior and be a part of something that does not exploit love.

Current Work

Woodley will next be seen in “Snowden,” playing the character of Lindsay Mills. She will also be seen playing the role of Jane Chapman in upcoming HBO’s TV series “Big Little Lies.”