ishqbaaz is an Indian television series that airs on star plus at 10:00 p.m. IST.

August 27, written update.

The episode starts with Dadi asking Shivaye to drop Anika to her place. On the way, Anika requests him for some music because the silence in the car can make her sleepy. And she is also afraid that Shivaye will start feeling like a driver and will fight with her again.

In a flashback scene, Shivaye is seen shouting at Anika for throwing him in the pool. She says that his muffler was on fire, so she pushed him. Furthermore, she questions him on why is he wearing a muffler in this hot summer and he gets irritated by her question.

And Om and Rudra look on and say that not an hour passes without them fighting with each other.

Shivaye says the muffler caught fire because of her. He explains to her that he was celebrating Sindhu's win in Rio Olympics and leaves the place.

Conversation between Om and Shivaay:

In the next scene, Om explains to Shivaye that Anika is a sweet girl who doesn't care about the riches. But Shivaye still insists that she is calculative and greedy because she comes from the middle-class family.

Hearing this Om gets angry and reminds that their grandfather was also a middle-class man.

Before the argument gets heated Rudra comes and starts talking about the delicious cake.

Rudra looks at Soumya who is standing near the kitchen. She is watching the preparation for Krishna Janmashtami.

He comments that looking at all the tasty food that is prepared for the festival,she must be euphoric.

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Before he can make more joke about her, Shivaye and Om come and stand with Soumya. After that, they all go into the kitchen and ask dadi about the preparations.

Om receives a call from Riddhima, and he goes to meet her.

He promises to be more loving and spends more time withher. Both of them blame it on Ishita. The next scene resumes with Shivaye and Anika leaving for their home. She asks him to play radio and the music fills the car.

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