Lisa Marie Presley could be in for the fight of her life. As the only child of Elvis Presley battles her own personal addiction issues she is also preparing to fight her biggest battle yet, custody over her twin daughters Harper and Finley.New reports reveal that while Lisa Marie is going through rehab for addiction to alcohol and prescription pills her soon to be fourth ex-husband, Michael Lockwood is taking full advantage of the situation by seeking full custody of the 7-year-old twins.

Presley custody battle will get ugly

As previously reported, Lisafiled for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences" from Lockwood in June asking for full custody of the girls, and that Lockwood receive only monitored visitation.

It was later revealed that one of the main reasons behind the divorce was due to the fact that Lockwood allegedly blew through a ton of her money behind her back.

At the time of their split, Lisa Marie opted to bring in child protective services to monitor the situation concerning her children. This could turn out to be a huge error on Presley's part especially since Lisa Marie checked into rehab. CPS recently evaluated the situation and Presley received a negative evaluation based on her recent addiction issues. Michael has reportedly jumped all over the situation using it in his favor in hopes of gaining full custody of the girls.

Lisa Marie's ex claims she is disinterested in children.

Lockwood also claims that over the years he has been the one to step up and take care of the girls stating that Lisa is often disinterested and absentwhen it comes to caring for the children.

Sources close to the situation reveal that the divorce and custody hearings will be nasty, to say the least, adding that now that Michael is not there a lot the twin's nannies, with the aid of their grandmother Priscilla Presley are raising the girls.

Should Lockwood succeed in swaying the judge in his favor he will be the one receiving a huge chunk of Lisa'sPresley money for support and possible alimony to care for the children and himself.

Hopefully, the former couple will come to terms and realize just how a bitter divorce and ugly custody battle may affect the twins. They say that divorce is hardest on the children, but in this case, Lisa Marie could be the one who stands to lose the most.

We just hope that no matter what the outcome of this situation Lisa Marie is able to get clean, and does not use this hard time as a reason to succumb to addiction and depression and end up like her late father, Elvis Presley, gone before their time.