Donald Trump has been up against critics and his political opponents since the day he announced his candidacy and no matter how much mud slinging came his way, it didn't amount to swaying his supporters against him. Now it seems Melania Trump is next in line. If you can't break down the candidate, why not go after his wife? Does anyone remember politics in the past ever getting this dirty? While Melania has taken an adamant stand that the horrific accusations aimed her way are not true, she has someone in her corner that may surprise you.

Megyn Kelly's got Melania's back!

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly recently went to bat for Melania as the rapid fire of reports were hitting the headlines in vast numbers last week and they continue today. So far the headlines reflect critics taking aim atMelania's immigration status from 20 years ago, her college degree, the borrowed words from Michele Obama's speech and a previous secret marriage. Then there are the decades old nude photos of a young Melania modeling that were posted online to add to all this taunting.

Megyn Kelly can't imagine why anyone would care about Melania's immigration status 20 years ago. Today she is an American citizen and she's not the one running for office. During a recent episode of the On The Kelly File, Megyn, Mike Huckabee, and Howard Kurtz (along with On The Kelly File reporter Trace Gallagher), all had their say about the ludicrous accusations Melania is up against, which was reported by Crooks and Liars.

Gallagher reported that there's no concrete evidence that any immigration facts were misrepresented by Melania Trump. Even after days of these claims, no one has offered up the proof, but there are some inconsistencies in the accounts given surrounding Melania's immigration process, Gallagher did say. Kutz called the Melania story "overblown" and offered "who cares" when it comes to the type of visa a young model had 20 years ago.

The modeling agency that Melania worked for during the time the visa she had was in question reported she was in this nation legally and the type of visa allowed her to work.

Nude photos and secret marriage accusations

Kelly did bring up the nude pictures of Melania when she was modeling 20 years ago. As Kurtz said, "she was a model, we know this about her." No one can figure out who was actually behind those pictures finding their way to the online world, but the consensus among Kelly and her panel is that it is all part of this war against Trump, which is now turned toward Mrs.

Trump. As Hollywood Life reports now there are questions about Melania being married before she married Trump, which is again another false accusation, according to the Trump camp.

Kelly went as far as suggesting that Melania being a "traditional wife and mother" has got the feminists hating her and making accusations. Both Kelly and Huckabee thought they should be talking about other things like Obama's college transcripts, which was Huckabee's suggestion. Kelly thought Bill Clinton should be the topic of conversation for those who want talk about spouses. Kelly, who has certainly had her fair share of sparring with Donald Trump, really stepped up to the plate to show she is fair and balanced by going to bat for Melania!