Discovery is keeping Alaskan Bush People fans hooked to its reality television show by airing post-season specials about the Brown family. In the special episode Browns Down South, the Alaskan family left the wilderness so that Billy could get some treatment for his seizure disorder. While in the Lower 48, the Brown family members were shocked by civilization and its contrast to life in the Alaskan wilderness. The Browns were shocked by nearly everything they were allegedly not accustomed to in the Alaskan bush.

The Alaskan wilderness family and technology

Apparently, even though the Brown family members are supposed to be strangers to technology after living 30 years in the Alaskan backwoods, Episode 12 of Season 5 of the reality television series was described as a special because it takes “a look behind the lens at the countless hours spent to bring bush life to the lower 48 and how Brown luck influences what makes it to air.”

Wouldn’t the Browns have to have some kind of knowledge about the production of a reality television show and television business in order to determine what is worth airing and what not?

The Brown family patriarch knows business all too well

Billy Brown, the patriarch of the Alaskan bush family, actually has knowledge about the ins and outs of business in his blood since he grew up in an affluent Texan family. Boats, cars, and air planes – Billy had it all until his parents and sister were killed in a private plane crash.

After being orphaned, Billy Brown tried his own business, but since working nine to five didn’t quite suit him, he went to Alaska to find his fortune there.

Billy’s first successful business venture with Alaska came when he wrote about his life in the wilderness. After being approached, the Brown patriarch turned Alaska into gold by helping to produce a reality television series and Alaskan Bush People was born.

Of course, not everything Billy Brown tried turned into wealth. The Brown family members hit fool’s gold and got caught when they tried to apply for Alaska’s Permanent Fund. While the scandal revealed that the Alaskan bush family had not actually lived in the state from 2009 to 2012 and Billy and Joshua were sentenced to 30 days in jail, the incident did not diminish the millions of reality television viewers.

The Browns and civilization

Billy Brown’s writings about his life in the Alaskan wilderness and the publication of his book “One Wave at a Time” quite likely didn’t happen by using pen, paper, and just a candle. And as the below video about the Brown family members shows, Gabe posted a YouTube video about his life in Alaska indicating that he was well aware of the use of technology.

As for Matt Brown, he certainly was no stranger to strip malls since he was arrested in 2013 for a DUI in a Walmart parking lot.

The future of the Alaskan bush family

Quite obviously, in addition to the Brown family members and Disney Channel, there are many more looking for fortune in Alaska’s wilderness. A YouTube search for Season 5 Episode 12 of the Brown reality television series will lead internet users to videos that do not actually exist (at least not yet), invite you to click on other links, or ask you to download an illegal copy of the latest behind-the-scenes episode of Alaskan Bush People.