While the countless Disney fans are waiting for the release of upcoming sequel to “Frozen,” reports are claiming that the production of the movie has been cancelled due to plethora of problems.

What may cause cancellation of the movie?

The major reasons behind cancellation of “frozen 2” are said to be low budget and lesbian storyline. The Disney movie has been allegedly put back on the shelf and is facing round of problems due to budget issues. Apart from it, the foremost problem that the writers are facing is about the storyline as they are clueless where to take it.

Can lesbian Elsa possibly be featured?

Meanwhile, the director of the movie, Chris Buck was quoted saying that the fans can expect the character of Elsa in the “Frozen 2” as more open. She can be expected to go more out of her shell in the upcoming sequel.

This leads to speculations that the character of Elsa is going to come forward as a lesbian. She is allegedly expected to admit to falling in love with Anna. This revelation has sparked rumors about the release of the much anticipated icy sequel and the story is expected to go through a lot of developments.

Fans are not happy

The fans are taking it to social media and the rumors of its production delay, twisted plot and date issues has already started a debate among fans.

The directors Jennifer Lee and Buck are not breaking their silence about any developments as of yet.

Kristen Bell says script is not ready!

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, actress Kristen Bell who has given voice to the character of Anna, also shed some light on the movie development. She also confirmed her return in the upcoming sequel.

According to Bell, no one has started recording yet, as they are still waiting to get their hands on script. Writers are busy developing the story exactly as it needs to be told.

No confirmation so far

While fans are anticipated to hear update on their beloved Anna, Elsa feature film, the production house has decided to stay quiet on the matter. There had been no revelations or declination on lesbian storyline of “Frozen 2.”