Justin Bieber has done his father proud, so proud that his dad took to Twitter to share his pride with the masses. Jeremy Bieber wasn't gushing about his son's accomplishments, his personality or even about Justin's choice of attire, no... it was all about his man package. It seems that Justin was photographed in the nude while vacationing in Hawaii recently and of course a photo made its way online and has since gone viral.

Proud as a peacock once anger subsides

Pride wasn'tJustin'sfirst response, at first he felt violated and he got peeved when he eyed the photo online.

Sources close to the crooner said that once he saw all the hoopla about the size of his penis, he started to shed the anger and started to feel a bit proud of himself. While Justin fell just short of spreading his feathers like a proud peacock, his dad was playing a game of associating his son's penis size with pictures.

Picture association with man package size

Jeremy Bieber found a creative way to convey just how large his son's private parts are by usingpicture association on Twitter.The first tweet, which came down shortly after it went up, was that of of a cactus emoji and he wrote "my boy" as the caption.

Moving right along, but still wanting to make a point, the proud father posted a picture of Toronto's very tall and erect CN Tower on his Instagram page.

Fans believed he was making another reference to the size of his son's penis because he tagged Justin in the photo where the name of the tower might have gone, reports the Daily Mail.

'What do you feed that thing?'

The 41-year-old father didn't have too much to do withJustin'supbringing. Hismom was a single mother while raising him.

The 22-year-old pop singer and his father became closer once Justin got older. This wasn't the first time that Jeremy Bieber took to social media to brag a bit about his son's private parts. Another naked picture of Justin was leaked last year online and the singer's father showed his pride by posting a quip about that photo.

The nude picture of Justin that hit online last year had proud papa Jeremy post "What do you feed that thing?" Dad's pride in his son's man package may have played a part in Justin losing the anger over the picture being taken and then being posted without him knowing. Did some of his father's proud shout outs rub off on Justin?