When Miranda Lambert broke down on stage recently it was during a song that she co-wrote with her ex-husband Blake Shelton. She was so distraught that the fans actually chimed in to help Lambert finish out the tune, as she visibly struggled with it through her tears. After dropping the mic and letting her emotions get the best of her, it was hard not to surmise that her wounds are far from healed. It appears Shelton may have gotten wind of this and a recent tweet he sent out is believed by some to be in response to his ex-wife's sadness.

Compassion from Blake?

The tweet sounded so compassionate, gentle and kind that it caught the eye of the masses. After Shelton and Lambert split, Shelton has enjoyed a whirlwind romance with his co-star on The Voice, Gwen Stefani,which turned into a long-standing relationship. It's often rumored that Miranda has a hard time with her ex moving on.

Love Triangle

While the tweetdidn't mention Miranda by name, it sounded to some as if he was sending someone out there a message via RaeLynn's new song Love Triangle. The tweet is seen below:

Tweet opens up can of worms

While some feel it had nothing to do with his ex, regardless if it did or didn't, it started a barrage of comments online about Blake and his ex, Miranda.

First off RaeLynn tweeted back to thank Shelton for tweeting a link to the video of her song, but then came the Shelton-Lambert debaters.

He said, she said

The song is not only sad, but it is a tune that millions of people growing upas children of divorce can relate to. It's actually a song that can bring a tear to your eye, so you can understand why Shelton felt it tweet-worthy.

Others tweeted about the song, but then there were those who put it in more personal terms for Blake. In her tweet below she offered a jab about the breakup of the two country-music stars.

Then came those who jabbed back saying it was Miranda whocheated on Blake and what she got in the end is what happens when you cheat.

Which is what another fan tweeted as seen below:

Reason known only to Miranda and Blake

According to Hall of Fame Magazine, when the two first parted ways they both refused to talk about the reason behind the split and then as time went by and Blake had taken up with Gwen, sources sited Miranda's cheating prompted Blake to file for divorce. Then the polar opposite was reported saying that Shelton was the one who cheated causing the divorce, which is reported in another Hall of Fame Magazine article. Only Miranda and Blake know the real reason behind their divorce and in the end that is really all that matters.