AreDiddy and Cassie calling it quits? It sounds like the couple had more than a little domestic spat when Cassie's mother called the cops on Diddy after he took off with Cassie's phone. Before the music mogul left, the couple had been arguing in a car. This is when Diddy allegedly grabbed Cassie's phone to check out who Cassie's been in touch with lately. With her phone in tow, Diddy took off out of the car they'd been riding in. So was this a move fueled by jealousy?

The couple were in a car with a driver when Cassie and Diddy got into the heated argument because she told the music mogul that she wanted out of the relationship.

This threw him into a rage and he grabbed Cassie's phone to investigate just what she's been up to lately. He got out of the car while looking at her phone and Cassie and the driver took off for home.

Mom steps in and police are called

When Cassie returned home she told her mother how Diddy grabbed her phoneand Cassie's mother called the police. In the mean time Diddy came back home and gave Cassie her phone back. He left and this time he took two cars with him, reports TMZ.

No arrests, but domestic incident report filed

The police arrived at Cassie and Diddy's house to follow up on the phone call from her mother and Cassie was home, but Diddy was gone.

She explained to the cops how the events played out. She then told the police thathe had come back home and handed her phone back to her before leaving again.

With everything seemingly under control the cops didn't find that any crime had been committed, but they did however need to handle this as a domestic call and they wrote it up as a domestic incident on a report.

According to TMZ, their sources say that Diddy and Cassie have had breakups before, in fact they compare this couple to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with their on again and off again love affair.

Now the cheating rumors spin

Social media users were quick to comment, with the rumors spawning suggesting that Cassiewas cheating on Diddy.

While nothing is mentioned that even remotely suggests thatcheatingis going on in the report from TMZ today, those rumors are still festering! Then there are the rumors that Diddy is cheating, again with nothing mentioned in the reports today to assume that is the case.

Who was cheating on who? Again, that wasn't mentioned in the news article, but social media has already started to ask the cheating questions about both Cassie and Diddytoday! Is this a case of a celebrity couple having a fight and it gets blown out of all proportion? It could be as another party weighs in.

Short-lived split?

As far as the couple splitting up, Us Magazine is reporting that a source saying what happened was nothing more than an argument between the couple and they haven't split up...

"It is what it is," said the magazine's source. It appears the two got into a spat and because they parted ways that evening, people took it as Cassie and Diddy were splitting for good. That's just not what happened, said the source.