How far would you go to seek revenge on those who hurt your family? Would you protect a family member who committed an unspeakable Crime? West Virginia-based director Clint Gaige explores those questions and others in his new independent film "A Clean Exit" which is poised to dominate the festival circuit.

The film (co-written by Gaige and Daniel F. Purcell) followsWashington, D.C. Police Officer Bernie Walker (the excellent Ian A. Wade), a member of the High Risk Warrant Team, who not only contends with gun-toting domestic terrorists and heroin dealers on his job, but with his nasty ex-wife Helen (Amber Russo), his 15-year-olddaughter Rhian (Sierra Marie) and his wife's new mate Wallace (Matthew Sharpe).

Police as family

The High-Risk Warrant Team is run like a de facto police family by tough, bearded Trace (Konstantine James) and rounded out bySniper Joshua aka Josh (Mark E. Shapiro), tough-girl lesbian Daveigh (Linda Monath Gregory), and beefy, black-humored Brutus (Purcell).After Josh is killed in a shootout, it is Josh's widow Paula (Nicole Mullins-Teasley) who points out that for a cop, the "only acceptable exit is a clean one."

Bernie's life takes a dark turn when his ex-wife is killed and his daughter and Wallace are viciously assaulted in a home invasion by Bobby (Justyn Christofel), the son of New York crime boss Tito Guarino (the outstanding Rick Jermain), who has operations in West Virginia along Interstate 81 aka "The Heroin Highway".

In the midst of it all, Bernie learns that he has a devastating health issue to deal with. But not all is bleak, he has a new romance withBrenda (Mor Hall) a 22-year-old, cancer-surviving waitress who reminds Bernie that "We are all dying."

Police versus the Mob

Tito, who in most movies of this type would simply be the devil, displays his loyalty to his son Bobby as Bernie closes in; Tito is a poet of the profane, especially when complaining about his son's antics, but he is a thinking man's gangster.

When confronted with the severity of his son's crimes he concedes "I can't argue with that logic."

"A Clean Exit" stands apart in an unforgettable restaurant scene, a table-top showdown between Bernie and Tito. Both men acknowledge their agendas---one for revenge, one for family loyalty. It is here that Tito insists he is "a businessman."

As a showdown between Bernie's team, which has gone rogue to help him, and Tito's gang looms, the film lives up to itslog line: Loyalty without limits.

Through it all, we wonder if Bernie will make "a clean exit."

Featuring a sizzling soundtrack including "A Place I Know" by recording artist Cullah, the film promises to continue to clean house in film festivals. It was nominated for Action Film of the Year, Best Feature, Best Editing, Best Special Effects and Best Soundtrack among other nominations by the MartialCon Film Festival (which runs August 19-21 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California). The film has an appropriaterough-and-tumble look thanks to the set decoration and costume design of Gaige's wife Darla, who also served as an executive producer. "A Clean Exit" is definitely a sure-fire winner.

The world premiere of A Clean Exitwill be screened at the Action on Action Film Festival, September 8, 2016, Krikorian Premiere Theaters, 410 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA.

Watch the excellent trailer below.