A life-size and very disturbing statue of a naked Donald Trump suddenly appeared in Union Square today making quite the scene in Manhattan. It looks like the person who sculpted this piece of art ran out of plaster or clay when it came time to add certain vital parts to Trump's body to render it anatomically correct. It is obvious Trump is sporting a teeny-tiny man part, which is the same part of his anatomy once brought into question for its size by his political opponent, Marco Rubio. The artist sculpted something there, but it is about the size of a button barely protruding out from under a rather large and bloated belly.

Missing vital parts

This statue was far from an attempt at flattering Trump, in fact, at the base of the statue was an attached plaque with the title of the art piece..."The Emperor Has No Balls." The artist who created this sculpture made sure of that because there wasn't so much as a sign of testicles anywhere on the statue, which was apparently the message this piece of artwork was constructed to convey.

Hair too big, man parts too small!

It took only minutes for the naked Trump statue to become an Internet sensation with YouTube videos and photos saturating the social media sites.

There is no question on who this statue was meant to portray, as Trump's comb-over hairdo is exaggerated for size and done up in a mustard-yellow color, so there's no doubt who this is supposed to be.

Marco Rubio's vision of Trump?

The artist, known only as "Ginger" who is with the American Activist Collective INDECLINE, has talent, but it is too bad she used this skill in an attempt to disgrace another human being.

She was able to create skin with a good deal of cellulite to a realistic form. The veins can be seen lightly through the skin and the breasts are done to perfection. She has given Donald Trump's image a set ofgigantic hands, which does not coincide with Rubio's description of the GOP candidate's appendages. The artist also paid attention to the detail of the backside of the statue, giving Mr.

Trump a very sagging rump that had a red rash-like appearance in one area.

Naked Trump statue beckons the masses

As you can see in the video below the naked Trump statue has beckoned the crowds and people surrounded the very creepy statue of Donald Trump taking pictures as people posed with his image. Some appeared very interested in his tiny man part and they demonstrated this by squatting down to get this area of the statue in the many selfies taken today in Union Square. As quickly as this statue appeared, it disappeared, according to The New York Daily News.

It was gone in a flash at the hands of New York City grounds workers. They came equipped with sledge hammers and chopped away at the base of the statue until the disturbing creation became severed from it's anchor and was able to be carted away in the back of a city pickup truck.

NYC Mayor weighs in with 'frightening thought'

The mayor of NYC didn't say anything that would discourage this type of disgraceful event in the future. It seems Mayor de Blasio got a laugh out of the crowd when talking about the Trump statue. He told the crowd that a naked Trump statue was "a frightening thought." He went on to say, "When he's wearing clothes I don't like him. I can only imagine.” If the same type of statue mysteriously appeared of Hillary Clinton, would the same thing be said? Probably not.You can check out that very disturbing statue of Donald Trump in the video below from Hip Hop News on YouTube.