Who would ever have thought that Davina would save Klaus Mikaelson? Out of all of the Original family, he was the one she hated the most. However,The Originals Season 4 may see her return in time to stop Marcel's destructive plan that could see the end of the hybrid.

Caution: this article does contain spoilers for those who haven't caught up withThe OriginalsSeason 3 yet.

Why doThe Originals need saving anyway?

The Originals Season 3 left the Mikaelsons' lives in the hands of Hayley and her baby daughter Hope. Elijah and Kol had been bitten by the new Uber Original Marcel, Freya had been poisoned and Rebekah was awoken after being infected by a curse.

Their lives were tethered to Klaus, who had been stabbed by Marcel and left in a torturous state.

While Marcel believes that the Mikaelsons are dead, it won't take him long to find out that they are really alive. He'll then figure out how they are still alive and work on killing Klaus, who is currently bricked away. It is possible that Davina will step in to save them, mainly to save her lover Kol.

Could Davina really come back toThe Originals?

Surely, Davina died and it isn't possible for her to come back, right? Well, with a show likeThe Originals, anything is possible. There have been plenty of people brought back to life in various ways, so bringing back Davina isn't out of the realms of possibilities.

She was also a fan-favorite character, and fans were devastated when she was killed off towards the end of Season 3.

Her fate isn't even really known. She was last dragged back into the realm of the dead, with the ancestors slicing up her soul. It is possible that she escaped, but Marcel believed that she was gone for good and that was why he wanted revenge.

The Mikaelsons didn't care enough to save her, something that even Kol Mikaelson was angry about.

Davina may not come back to the world of the living, but may end up communicating with Hayley in some way. The OriginalsExecutive Producer Michael Narducci has said that Hayley will need to save the Mikaelsons and may get in touch with a witch to do that.

Is it possible that she will somehow cross into the world of the dead to get in touch with Davina? Could Davina then somehow crossover to the world of the living to help stop Marcel?

There's no official date forThe Originals Season 4 premiere yet. It will be sometime in January 2017, as a way for the CW to strengthen its mid-season programming. Only then will fans really know if Davina will make a return to save the Mikaelsons and stop Marcel's plan for revenge.