'America's Got Talent' has plenty of great acts, but the magicians are always my favorite. On Wednesday night, a young child who had cut his sister in half in his first audition, again impressed the judges with a second audition. In it, he pulled several beautiful assistants out of a box and somehow managed to switch places with his sister, somehow winding up right next to the judges.


Young Kadan Rockett wasn't going to be a one hit wonder after he wowed the judges in his first audition by sawing his sister in half. If you haven't seen the first 'America's Got Talent' audition yet, you can check it out below:

Kadan took a classic trick and made it his own, impressing the judges enough to move onto the next round.

Kadan Rockett wasn't going to let that be his only amazing performance, taking things to another level in a more high stakes environment. Just watch the amazing trick he came up with below:

Everything about the trick is just perfect. The execution is flawless, Rockett's stage presence is unbelievable, and the switch with his sister is unexplainable. Fans on the showcouldn't figure out how the siblings managed to execute such a ridiculous switch. And neither can I.


The pairing of the kid magician and his sister is adorable. Young talent like that has a chance to go far on 'America's Got Talent', where cuteness and charm can help win the votes of an American audience.

Americans also love a good show, and Kadan Rockett has already proven that he can alwaysdeliver on stage.

There's no telling what Rockett's future performances will hold. It's hard to imagine an 'America's Got Talent' semifinal without Kadan Rockett and his sister wowing the audience. If they can come up with some really creative tricks, the duo might just have a chance to make it very far into the competition.

But it's hard to see a couple of children actually winning the 'America's Got Talent' competition. In the past, trained professionals who are mostly older than 20 have won the show. It's great that the young kids have carved out aniche performing great magic, but it's hard to see them outdueling magicians like Jon Dorenbos, who have already performed far superior tricks on the show.