If you're a fan of music videos, then you're probably a fan of its parodies as well. YouTube sensationBart Baker does an excellent job of skewering your favorite celebrities, but did you know that he can predict the future as well? Here is a list of the times where Baker actually influenced or predicted a singer's next move.

1. Taylor the killer queen.

Taylor Swift is one of stars that Baker loves to lambaste. He's pretty much done a parody for almost every song she's released on her 1989 album. In every video, Swift is portrayed as the devil out to destroy her boyfriend's lives, which is the total opposite of her songs, where she portrays herself as the victim.

It's unclear whether Taylor's team got wind of Baker's parodies or not, but for her Blank Space video, she actually adopted the persona as the crazy temptress who kills a long list of suitors. For that, Baker earns a lifetime supply of cool points.

2. 'Mo money, 'mo problems

Rihanna's Pour It Up video was pretty raunchy. It basically featured the singer and strippers dancing on a pole. It's not the kind of video that any parent should show their children. So naturally, Baker decided to change the song's name to Whore It Up and feature entertainers like Britney Spears,Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj whose careers he best thought represented the song.

At the end of the video, the ladies are met by a pimp who convinces them that they could make more money by prostituting themselves on the street.

The final line of the video is, "B*tch better have my money." Ironically, that was the name of the first track released off of Rihanna's next album, Anti. If you want to see her videos, you can find them on YouTube. Click on the video below to see Baker's version. Warning: explicit language follows.

3. Iggy's FancyWhite Chicks

Before Snoop Dogg started an Instagram and Twitter feud with the blonde, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, Baker pointed out something that many people would soon discover. In his Fancy parody, Baker says Azalea, "look[s] like Marlon Wayans from the flick White Chicks."

It wasn't long before the internet and Snoop Dogg seized on the comment and began posting memes with Azalea as the original member of the White Chicks cast.

Azalea, for her part, decided to be a good sport and dressed up as the now infamous character forHalloween in 2015.