Kody Brown and his four wives, who share their polygamist lifestyle with viewers on Sister Wives, must be shaking their head. Since 2010, Kody and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, have shown TLC viewers what a polygamist lifestyle in the United States is like. What fans of the reality television show treasure most are the values that Kody’s family with four wives and 18 children has presented to fans. But can the same be said for New Jersey man Paulie and his three wives?

Paulie, a New Jersey polygamist.

According to a report by US Weekly, Paulie considers himself to be a polygamist like Kody Brown because he lives with three women.

As Vanessa, the first of Paulie’s three wives shares, she and Paulie met, fell in love, and got married soon after. In 2006, just a few months later, the two became the proud parents of a son, and two years later, the parents of a daughter.

However, as marriage to Vanessa became boring after just three years, Paulie looked for excitement elsewhere and discovered future wives Hazel, and then Lady. Paulie, who describes himself as a fashion businessman, says that “when Vanessa and I began having problems in our marriage and broke up, I started seeing Hazel and then, Lady too.”

Vanessa, who is an Automotive Engineer, says that when she learned about Paulie’s new wives she was shocked, but that once she got to know them, she was actually excited.

Paulie’s first wife Vanessa, 31, admits that she is bisexual.

Is polygamy legal in the United States?

Since polygamy is illegal in the United States, Paulie’s claim of having three wives is somewhat questionable. The only legal marriage that the 32-year-old New Jersey man is involved in is 31-year-old Vanessa. As for the younger store supervisor Hazel and younger secretary Lady, Paulie is not legally married to them.

Kody Brown’s sister wives versus Paulie’s wives.

In regard to the legal status of his polygamist Sister Wives, Kody used to be married to Meri until she gave up their marriage so Kody could wed Robyn and adopt the three children from her previous marriage. After having been together with Meri, Janelle, and Christine for more than 20 years and with Robyn for more than five years, 47-year-old Kody Brown has weathered many storms in his life with four women who consider themselves to be like sisters.

Do sisters engage in a bisexual relationship? According to Vanessa, her so-called New Jersey polygamist family does. Even though Paulie calls himself “Lord of the Wives,” Vanessa makes it no secret that she is openly bisexual. “I had experimented with women before I met Paulie and found both Hazel and Lady attractive," she proudly says.

Kody Brown’s sister wives have their own rooms and their own intimate timefor a night with their husband.

In Paulie’s polygamist family, the women share one room together and New Jersey man Paulie has his own room. Paulie proudly commented that he is intimate with each wife for the duration of one song.

Polygamy versus ‘Pauliegamy.’

Polygamy is not really defined as having an open relationship with numerous partners, and with Paulie having no legal marriage other than Vanessa, the New Jersey man’s relationships with numerous wives, as he calls them, is most likely better called “Pauliegamy.” Vanessa, Hazel, and Lady proudly wear T-shirts displaying the words “Sister Wives” and “Pauliegamy.”As for Kody Brown, the patriarch of TLC’s reality television show Sister Wives, the question must come up, is the New Jersey man Paulie and his three bisexual wives really what marriage is supposed to be?