A very interesting Game of Thrones sighting may have revealed ser Jorah Mormont's fate. As reported by Vanity Fair, actor Iain Glen has been spotted on a plane to Belfast, which means that we're probably going to see him again in season 7.

Iain Glen and Gwendoline Christie.

Iain Glen and Gwendoline Christie (ser Jorah Mormont and Brienne of Tarth) were both spotted by a GOT fan on a plane flyingto Belfast, one of the production locations of Game of Thrones.

Although Glen was reading a script according to the fan, we cannot be 100% sure that he was reading his Game of Thrones script (it's possible that he was reading something related to another project).

Nonetheless, we think it's safe to say that he's totally going to be in season 7, since he was flying to Belfast for some reason (like costume fittings or stunt choreography).

What is going to happen to Jorah in season 7?

Jorah left Daenerys Targaryen when the mother of dragons commanded him to find a cure for the Greyscale, a usually fatal disease that can leave the skin cracked and flaking, and stone-like to the touch. Jorah has been infected in season 5 in an ambush by the stone men while he was sailing through Valyria with Tyrion Lannister.

It's hard to predict what Jorah will do next, but the fans already presented a few theories.

Oldtown and Quaithe.

We know it's possible to survive the Greyscale (remember Shireen?) but it's not going to be easy for Jorah to stop hisdisease.

The Citadel in Oldtown is the best place in Westeros if you're looking for knowledge, and according to some fans' speculations, we might see Jorah again in Oldtown.

Another theory suggests that Jorah will search for Quaithe, the mysterious woman in a lacquered mask who Jorah met in season 2 at a party thrown for Daenerys. Quaithe apparently had some supernatural ability, since she told Jorah: "Will you betray her again, Jorah the Andal?”.

While she was carving some weird tattoos on a man's back, she said: “This man must sail past Old Valyria. All who travel close to the doom must have protection.” This theory looks interesting, but we must point out that Valyria is believed to be haunted, so we don't really know if Quaithe was referring to the Greyscale or some other kind of dangers.

A red priest's magic.

Another theory suggests that Jorah may be cured by a red priest. In A Dance With Dragons the red priest Moqorro heals a wound on Victarion Greyjoy's hand, a wound that could have turned fatal. We know that the red priests' magic is powerful, therefore this hypothesis looks totally credible, in our opinion.

A final note.

We really hope Mormont will be able to find a cure for the Greyscale, but even if we know that Ser Jorah will come back in GOT season 7, we cannot exclude that he will die in the next season of the show.