It appears that the Alaskan Bush People,or as they endearingly refer to themselves as the "Brown family wolfpack," have been groomed for their lifestyle by the patriarch of this brood. That lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean living in the wild like Bohemians, but it does however consist of many attempts by Billy Brown to make this brood famous. This is a man who seems to know how to use his family to do his bidding.

Can't have it both ways

Fans of the show have heard it all before how their bush escapades are more showmanship than a lifestyle and while some don't care because they find the show entertaining, others feel duped.

In a recent article from the Aussie Network News,they offer up a debate on the "bushiness" of this family. The Brown family, under the direction of Billy, put all this effort into showing the world they are true Alaskan Bush People, then offer to live tweet with fans after the show! These are the types of things that pop up and in turn conjure all kinds of questions about the authenticity of the scenarios presented by the show.

Work hard at selling yourself

There are clues online as to Billy Brown's goal from years ago when four of his kids were seen on YouTube plugging dad's new novel at the time. They talked about how their father has written over 70 books, starting out with children's books and working his way up to a novel.

One Wave at at Time is Billy Brown's book and while it didn't appear to sell back in 2008 when he had his kids plugging it on YouTube, today you can pick it up on Amazonfor the top price of $804 and that is a paperback!

Wolfpack go high tech

For kids who live in the Alaskan bush, both Bam Bam and Noah appear extremely in tune with operating the electronic device they are talking into to make these videos and one can't help but notice they are sporting blond hair.

Noah is even showing brown roots out from under his seemingly bleached hair on his video. Gabe, Noah, Bam Bam, and Rain appear in this video plugging dear old dad's book.

Odd family dynamics

Regardless if this family is running through the Alaskan bush or if they are in the paved jungle of a city, the family dynamics are not healthy.

These grown children of Billy and AmiBrownare gliding through life playing child-like games in front of the Discovery Channel's cameras. Ami, who usually doesn't speak unless she is spoken to, seems to idolize her husband and she joins her children in a an odd obedience-like relationship with Billy, who calls meetings of the family periodically so the cameras can hone in on his words of wisdom.

Resume fail

As entertaining as this family may be, what is going to happen when the cameras cut out for good? The Browns will be left with seven adult children with little more than howling at the moon as an asset to put on a resume. Did Billy Brown teach his kids the skills to live on their own in the wild, or were the lessons more about turning yourself into a sideshow to rake in the bucks?

Net worth of Alaskan Bush People?

How much are these people worth today from the seasons ofAlaskan Bush Peoplealready under their belt? According to theRichest Celebrities Networthback when the family finished up season 3,Billy Bryon Brown's net worth is estimated at $500,000.00. The seven kids are all compensated for their appearance in each episode.

The website also estimates thatMatt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, Snowbirdand Raineach have a net worth ofapproximately$40,000 to$60,000 each. They have more shows under their belt since season 3, so the money should be even more than these estimates indicate. If this is the case, will someone in that family please spring for Snowbird's teeth to be fixed...

she's such a pretty girl to let her go on like that!

Did you know that some folks still get in touch with the show wanting to send the family care packages and money because they see how they struggle for their next meal? So it's safe to say on some level that this show is these folks aren't poor.