Since the R+L=J theory has beenconfirmed in Game of Thronesseason 6 finale, a few new theories about Jon Snow - son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark - have surfaced. Many fans are wondering if Jon, just like Daenerys, can't be burnt. Here are the proofs that Jon, actually, can be severely hurt by fire.

Game of Thrones season 1: a wight attacks Lord Commander Mormont.

In Game of Thronesseason 1, a wight attacks Jeor Mormont in his own quarters while Jon Snow is present. Jon stabs the wight but it rises again, then Jon grabs the lantern Jeor Mormont is holding and throws it against the wight, lighting it on fire.

Jon's intervention saves Lord Commander Mormont's life, and Jeor to thanks Jon gives him the Valyrian steel bastard sword Longclaw.

Jon Snow's hand.

Just like in the books, Jon Snow receives serious burns on his hand after grabbing the lantern. This is clearly depicted in the show since Jon appears with a bandage on his hand more than once (click on the picture above to enter the photogallery and look at some resolving screenshots).

It's normal to be hurt by fire if you're a Targaryen!

There is a lot of confusion amongst GOT fans about the supposed Targaryens' fire resistance. Targaryens are usually hurt by fire, according to what we know from the show and the books. Daenerys is the Unburnt, she's the one who can't be hurt by fire (and actually she can be hurt by dragon fire in the books; as George Martin pointed out, the "birth of Dany's dragons was unique,[..] a miracle").

Here's an example: King Aegon V Targaryen (the one once known as "Egg") became convinced that only with dragons could he force the lords of the Seven Kingdoms to accept his decrees that granted freedoms, rights, and protections to the smallfolk. This led to the tragedy of Summerhall in which Aegon died in a fire while trying to hatch dragon eggs, along with his son Duncan Targaryen and other Targaryens as well.

Let's recap:

  • Targaryens are not immune to fire
  • Jon Snow is a Targaryen and he can be hurt by fire
  • Daenerys is the only one who is resistant to fire (at least in the show).