Hollywood has films of all shapes and sizes and while some films try to show people the brighter side of life, others glorify bad behavior. Television has recently adopted this trend with anti-heroes like Walter White from Breaking Bad, but Hollywood still has some bad boys and girls that it loves to celebrate. Here's a look at a few films that did just that.

'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas'.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the unbelievably true story of Florida writer Hunter S. Thompson. It follows the writer and a pal on a drug fueled bender throughout the streets of Las Vegas where Thompson does more quaaludes than he does writing.

By the end of the film, it's clear that Thompson is a basketcase, but his drug misadventures are so funny that you really don't care how screwed up he really is.


If there was ever a film that glorified a mobster outside of The Godfather, Scarface would be that film. Set in Miami during the Mariel boatlift, a young Tony Montana comes to Miami and builds his own cocaine army. This is story is great because the bad guy eventually gets exactly what he deserves, but he takes you for a fun ride while you're at it. The biggest problem with this film is how many rappers and future drug dealers that this film inspired. It's like they totally missed the point that this man committed a slew of illegal crimes and (SPOILER!) got caught.

'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

If there was ever a film about depravity and decadence run amok, this film is it. Leonardo DiCaprioportrayed real life stock broker, Jordan Belfort. The entire movie is basically watching Belfort take drugs, screw people over, flaunt his money and importance and have sex with beautiful women. It's sounds like an awesome life, right?

It was until (SPOILER) Belfort lost it all and was thrown into jail. Even in the film, jail was treated like it was a resort, and to make matters worse, Belfort became famous again when he got out of jail because of the film. So basically, he learned nothing from his ordeal. It's a horrible example for anyone to follow. If you add in the fact that DiCaprio had to be naked and blow a straw up someone's butt while all co-star Matthew McConaughey had to do was bang on his chest to win an Oscar and you've got a film that is a travesty all the way around.


Blow is another Johnny Deppfilm. It's the true story of George Jung, a middle class, suburban, Caucasian man who became one of the biggest cocaine dealers in the Medellin Cartel. He worked with the likes of Pablo Escobar and lived to tell about it. In the film, Jung is given the sympathetic treatment, like he didn't make the choice to forgo a normal life for a life of crime, but he did, and eventually, he landed in jail. At the end of the film, a picture of the real Jung is shown and he looks awful, so maybe in this case, he did get what he deserved.