Recently, I stumbled upon a list of the top female singers who could dance. The list by all accounts was awful. It named singers who barely danced, ranked them above singers who could dance and completely ignored other top female dancers. So in order to right this travesty of justice, here's a good list of female singers who can dance their butts off.

6. Britney Spears

Starting at number six, is Britney Spears. The pop star has never been able to escape the controversy about her singing voice, which is not very strong, but everyone can agree that Spears could dance like no one else.

From her Baby One More Time video to herToxic dance moves, Spears sure knew how to move. Her moves were so iconic that Heather Morris' tribute to her in the Britney/Brittany episode made the Glee background character a recognizablename.

5.Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul was a dancer and a former Laker Girl. She soon moved up to ranks to dancer and choreographer for Janet Jackson and later became a pop sensation herself. She churned out hits like Straight Up and Opposites Attract but mostly, fans tuned in to see her dance moves, which included tap, pop and modern dance. Her pop career didn't last past the 90's, but it did take on another life when she became one of the original judges for American Idol.


Ciara has had a hard time moving up in the music world. Many have hailed her as the next Aaliyah since both had soft singing voices and incredible dance moves. After Aaliyah's death, most thought Ciara would take her place. Instead Ciara has a few collaborative hits like Lose Control with Missy Elliot, but her solo projects have stalled.

One of her most memorable performances was the BET Awards in 2013 where she performed Body Party. Her moves were clearly inspired by Michael Jacksonwho had recently passed away.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez started out as a Fly Girl on the 90's comedy sketch show, In Living Color. She soon transitioned to acting with a lead starring role in the film, Selena.

It was the true story of the slain Tejana singer. The role allowed Lopez to display her performing abilities and it wasn't long until she launched a full blown music career. Like the previous singers on this list, Lopez's singing is decent, but her dancing skills far surpass her voice.

2.Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is pretty much the godmother of perfectly choreographed music videos. Every performer that utilizes choreography in their videos stole the idea from Jackson. She started the trend when music videos were in their infancy in the 1980's. In fact, the only reason why she's not number one on this list is because again, her voice is not as strong as her dance moves. Otherwise, Jackson would be the queen.


They call her queen Bey for a reason. Beyonce is one of the only singers who can sing as well as she can dance. As a former member of Destiny's Child, Beyonce displayed her dance moves best in her solo career. Her BDay album was full of jams that had clubgoers running to the floor. Check out the video for Get Me Bodied and see if you can copy any of Bey's moves.

Honorable Mention: Judy Garland

The oldest person on this list had their hey day in the 80's, but many people forget about Judy Garland. She was the original triple threat. Garland could sing, dance and act at a time when all three talents were essential for a Hollywood career. She wasn't just Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Garland had a career long past that on stage and on the silver screen.

She could bring you to tears with her voice and mesmerize you with her dance moves. One day she would be doing a duet with Barbara Streisand and the next she was tap dancing with Gene Kelly. She simply could do it all in a time when there was no autotune and with her voice, she never needed it.