Netflix has announced a release date for Narcos Season 2. Ten new episodes will be available on the streaming service on Friday, September 2.

Familiar faces

Returning to the series is Brazilian actor Wagner Moura as the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Also coming back are actors Boyd Holbrook as DEA agent Steve Murphy and Pedro Pascal portraying DEA agent Javier Pena. Carlos Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro created the Netflix original show.

Recently released trailer

The Season 2 trailer does not say much about what to expect. It shows a menacing Moura gazing into the camera accompanied by three flashing dates.

December 1, 1949, the first date, is Pablo’s birth date, then December 2, 1993, the day Escobar dies, appears. September 2, 2016, the last date, is the day Netflix subscribers will have access to Season 2.

Based on real events

The gangster drama series centers on the infamous activities of various drug lords in South America, particularly Pablo Escobar. The plot chronicles the real-life battle by different legal, political, police and military forces against one valuable commodity, cocaine.

Season 2 spoiler

Shortly after the trailer was released, Moura appeared on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show and revealed the death of his character will happen in Season 2. The upcoming episodes will pick up from where the last season left off with Pablo’s escape from La Catedral to the shootout between the drug lord and Colombian law enforcement.

A Season 3?

With the death of the main character, one has to wonder if Narcos will continue to Season 3. Many fans speculate Netflix will change the storyline much the same way it did with American Horror Story. Most likely, the story will move to a new drug kingpin or organization.Since its debut last year, Narcos has become one of Netflix's most anticipated and popular shows.

It received two Golden Globe nominations, one for best drama series and one for best actor.

Season 1 still available

For those who have not seen the first ten episodes of Narcos, there is still time to binge watch on Netflix before Season 2 is released. With any luck, Netflix will also release another trailer before then that unveils more of what lies ahead for Pablo Escobar.