Actor Jax Menez Atwell has over ten years of investigative experience. His involvement with law enforcement agencies in the states of Arizona and California have included undercover operations, inclusion in the narcotics division, a stint in SWAT, handling person and property crimes, and more. Since 2008, Jax has been a private investigator who specializes in contracted investigations--some of which are ongoing. Jax is best known for his appearance on the History Channel’s television show Missing in Alaska which features Jax and two other investigators exploring the cases of missing people and their relation to Alaskan legends and folklore.

Despite his busy schedule, Jax is actively embracing show business. He will appear in a movie titled Split Lip and he has several other projects in the works. Recently, Jax spoke about his experiences working as an investigator and actor.

Inspiration .

Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to become an investigator?

Jax Menez Atwell (JMA): Being an investigator is my passion. I'm former law enforcement and that is what gives me my investigative background but being in the private sector is about so much more; people answers, helping them turn a corner in their lives and assisting someone when no one else could or would help.

BN: How did you get into acting and/or show business?

JMA: Acting happened for me by accident.I have a unique look and abilities that make me qualified to handle certain roles without much prepping!

"Missing in Alaska" was mostly luck; my odds of getting that role were a million to one!I was at the right place and the right time!


BN: Can you tell us a little more about your forthcoming movie “Split Lip”?

JMA: “Split Lip” is an action film releasing this Fall. I play a hit man who is set to kill another assassin.I have a great fight scene in it!

I think people are going to be really surprised with the talented director Christopher Sheffield; his vision is really unique and he was a lot of fun to work with.

BN: What has been the best part of working in the entertainment industry?

JMA: Getting to be someone else. "Missing in Alaska" was a great location; Alaska is truly one of the most awesome places to behold.

BN: What kind of movie or show would be your "dream project" to act in?

JMA: A movie similar to Stallone's “Expendables”! I still love all those late 80's, early 90's, action flicks and bringing together all my favorite action stars into a single film was justgenius! I'd also love to have a show similar to Josh Gate's "Exhibition Unknown". I love travel and adventure; the combination of the two--with solving and investigating--would be a dream come true!

What he does for fun.

BN: What do you do for fun when you are not acting?

JMA: I explore, hike and learn; sometimes all three of those are combined! I love adventure and learning the history of things.I think history has been lost in the generations recently and there are huge stories to uncover around every corner.


BN: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

JMA: I'd love to think there are more shows in my near future and more roles in films. I want to keep on my path. I love what I do. I love solving things and helping people. I really want to continue pursuing solving hard missing person cases and old cold cases that people have given up on.

BN: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

JMA: I don't have anything really exciting to announce at the moment. I do have multiple irons in the fire so we will see what God works out!

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to enter the film industry, especially as an actor?

JMA: Be very patient and make a lot of contacts.

Patience is essential and contacts have a lot to do with treating people how you would want to be treated. You never know when someone will have you in mind for a project!

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