The hardest working man in Hollywood, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is continuing to stay busy with official confirmation of another new movie role that’s sure to excite comic book fans everywhere.

Dwayne Johnson has officially been confirmed as playing ‘Doc Savage’ in the movie directed by Shane Black

Doc Savage, a comic book icon that pre-dates Superman, and is considered one of the original super heroes prior to the Golden Age of comic books, has been on its way to a film adaptation for years now. With Shane Black (‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’) attached to the film during that time, it’s only now that we have official confirmation.

Black, on his press tour to promote his latest film ‘The Nice Guys’, confirmed that he wanted Johnson for the titular role. Later the new was confirmed by Johnson on his official Instagram page.

Shane Black has formerly helmed a different comic book movie for Marvel Studioswith ‘Iron Man 3’. Although reviews for that film have been less than favourable, Black is still known for his own style of filmmaking. His writing and films usually include a wacky sense of humour full of dry wit and fast talking characters and insane situations. Even his former film ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ is almost like a neo-noir throwback to pulpy material which is exactly what ‘Doc Savage’ was at the time of its publication.

So he definitely seems like the perfect Director to helm such a project that needs heart, humour and hell’a craziness to succeed.

This is also not the first time the actor has been linked to a superhero movie. Tentatively Johnson is cast in the upcoming DCfilms’ ‘Shazam’ movie, playing the antagonist of Black Adam.

Johnson currently has a plethora of Movies under his belt, with ‘Baywatch’ recently wrapping production and also being attached to the ‘Jumanji’ remake. On top of all this the former wrestler turned actor is also set to return on Television with HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Season 2 premiering this summer.

More on the ‘Doc Savage’ movie updates as they come.