With superhero movies taking off (understatement of the century) it’s time for a long delayed superhero to make his appearance on the big screen. Recently, the creator and geek God Greg Berlanti confirmed that a Booster Gold movie is in the works at Warner Bros. studios, to be written by 'Thor' writer Zack Stentz.

For the uninitiated, Booster Gold is a character from DC Comics who, after failing as an athlete in the future, steal time travel and super hero equipment to travel back to the era of superheroes such as Batman & Superman, to become a celebrity in his own right.

Booster Gold’s story is what redemption stories are made of. An arrogant selfish guy seeking fame and fortune has to journey to become a hero in his own right by putting aside his vanity, and learning what it truly means to be super heroic.

A Booster Gold project has been in development for years now, withBerlanti himself pitching a TV Series about the character, before it was no longer viable. However, this was before Berlanti became a phenomenon with multiple successful DC superhero shows under his belt on The CW.

Previously,Booster Gold has only appeared in live action during an episode of ‘Smallville'

Other than that, the character has only appeared in multiple iterations on DC’s massive stable of animated programming.

Once upon a time Nathan Fillion (‘Firefly’) was attached to play the character, given his own personality being very similar to that of the character. However, we now know that Fillion may appear in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’, even if it as posters on the wall.

One also wonders if Fillion isn’t older now, than they would want to cast the Booster Gold character.

Since super hero movies are always looking at franchises, a younger actor would make more sense from a studio perspective.

While this is all in development only, it’ll be great to see a Booster Gold film finally take off. Especially if other DC characters are reigned in for it, like Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle, and other mainstays that are usually associated with Booster Gold.