The brand new comic book series on Television this past season, ‘Supergirl’ just finished its first season and has already been renewed for Season 2, but with a kicker. The show which aired on the CBS television network, will now transition over to its other corporate TV Network, The CW.

This is great news for fans of, not just ‘Supergirl’, but also of the other shows currently on air based on DCcharacters like ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’, who make their home on The CW as well. This allows all those shows to interact with one another in the same universe, as well as multiple crossover episodes which always provide a boost in ratings.

All 4 shows are also created and produced by Greg Berlanti, who’s become somewhat of a geek God, bringing all these favorite comic book characters to life on the small screen.

‘Supergirl’ itself is a wonderful little show that has done the best it can with its content and the uphill battle of creating an appealing show with a young empowered woman, full of subject matter and content that is relatable to young women, without overpowering them or going too ‘Gossip Girl’ with those same elements. Sure, some people still think those elements are too soap opera-ish, however, the good aspects of the series more than make up for the bad.

Melissa Benoist is an eager and genuine actress that endears herself to even the most cynical viewer (me) with each episode.

The show itself was able to do a lot for a demographic otherwise untapped on television so far. While the Buffys & River Tams of Television have more than broken the mold, there is not a female superhero show on TV for young women to enjoy. While ‘Supergirl’ filled that vacuum, it didn’t take it for granted, and being renewed for a Season Two allows the show to grow and develop its tone further.

What happens now?

While now being made at The CW, ‘Supergirl’ interacting with all the other shows, seems a little unlikely. Episode 18 of Season 1 of ‘Supergirl’, titled ‘Worlds Finest’ sees Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen burst onto the show from his own universe in ‘The Flash’. They explain that it was an accident where he crossed universes, stating that the universes of the rest of The CW shows, and that of ‘Supergirl’ are different.

Now if that means that those shows will now start to shift between worlds, on top of traveling through time, as is a staple of the DC-based CW shows, remains to be seen.

‘Supergirl’ Season 2 will return on The CW network in Fall 2016.