Rihanna very obviously has a huge crush on LeBron James, one of the Cleveland Cavaliers players, and she is making it clear for the whole world to see. The ‘crush posts’ first started last month when Rihanna posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a bikini with the player's shirt number 23 written in sunscreen on her stomach, not only did she post it she even tagged LeBron in the photo.

The beautiful ‘We Found Love’ singer then re-posted the photo on Sunday night after LeBron’s big game in which he led the Cavs to the NBA Final’s Victory against opponents the Golden State Warriors.

It was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first major championship win since 1964, so a very big deal. Rihanna keeps playing around with photos of the Cleveland Cavaliers player, posting photos of him on his own, of him holding trophies and even one of her admiring the player from the TV screen, a photo which she captioned ‘Bae’. The photos Rihanna posted have been liked by more than 564,000 of her 40 million followers. Thousands of Rihanna’s fans commented on the photos, and some followers went on Twitter to tweet about how they want to see his wife Savannah respond to her posts.

The Barbadian star could be on rocky ground here as she is bound to be seriously winding up LeBron’s wife Savannah Brinson who is yet to hit back at the singer’s posts.

However, it seems that the couple are not the type to draw attention to drama, neither of them have commented on Rihanna’s posts, despite fans being desperate to see Savannah retaliate and put Rihanna straight. It is as though Rihanna is a teenage cheerleader who watches her crush’s every move and she definitely is not shy of showing her admiration for the basketball player.

Rihanna’s posts are being ignored by LeBron James’s wife Savannah

Savannah has never made a habit of addressing rumors, even in the past when her husband was accused of having an affair with a model, neither Savannah nor her husband commented, they simply waited for the rumors to blow over and be swept under the carpet without the need for a public feud. No doubt she will do the exact same with Rihanna’s Instagram games.