Beautiful Heidi Klum is not camera shy and she certainly is used to showing off her body, seeing as she was once a Victoria’s Secret Model. However, her most recent Instagram post takes her body promotion to a new level as she is completely nude in the most recent photo she uploaded.

Gorgeous Heidi Klum posts photo to her 3 million fans of her lying naked in bed

The model has around 3 million followers, with whom she shared a photo of her lying in bed face in the pillow, next to her dog Albert, oh, and not wearing anything. You can only really see her top half as her dog’s body covers the rest of her as well as a sheet which covers her from the waist downwards.

The most recent snap has driven her followers wild and has gained over 50,000 likes so far, as well as endless comments. The black and white photo of the 43-year-old was accompanied by the caption ‘Monday Morning’, and a few sleeping emojis.

Heidi Klum is no stranger to revealing photos and cheeky snaps

The German born model has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram which is not surprising as not only is she gorgeous, but she also posts a lot of photos of herself in lingerie, other models and some provocative photos.

It is no secret that the beautiful model enjoys being topless, whether it be for a photoshoot, in a situation where she has lost her bikini top on the beach, or simply because she chooses to be.

In the past Heidi has used her like of freedom-from-clothes to raise awareness for AIDS when the supermodel did an almost naked photoshoot for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Heidi was recently snapped topless by the paparazzi whilst on holiday in the South of France with her secret lover whose identity is currently unknown. The ex-Victoria’s Secret Model commented on the snaps saying that she had tried hard to find a private beach that was isolated and she thought she had found one, yet the paparazzi always manage, one way or another, to intrude on Celebrities’ intimate and private moments, “I just don’t know how they do it” she said.