Mick Jagger, our favourite Rolling Stone member has a big brood of children, whose ages range from 17 to 45. The 72-year-old became a great-grandfather last year and it has now been revealed he is going to be a father again.

Mick Jagger’s girlfriend is 43 years younger than him

The legendary rock star is dating 29-year-old Melanie Hamrick who is an American ballerina, the couple have just announced that they are expecting, which will mean that Mick Jagger will have eight children. Melanie lives in London most of the time but is usually based on New York as she is a dancer at the American Ballet Theatre there.

Melanie and Mick have a 43 year age gap, yet this hasn’t stopped them from having successful relationship, as is seen in the fact they are expecting a child together. The couple have been dating for just over two years. The couple are said to be feeling ‘surprised and excited’ by the pregnancy news.

Mick Jagger’s long-term girlfriend committed suicide just two years ago

Hamrick was the first person that Jagger started dating after L’Wren Scott committed suicide in 2014. L’Wren Scott was known for her fashion and modelling career and sadly committed suicide on March 17th 2014. She and Mick Jagger were together for 13 years and when she passed he released a statement saying “I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way.

We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. She has great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me. I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received. I will never forget her.”

Jagger met L’Wren Scott in Paris back in 2001 and began dating shortly after.

L’Wren committed suicide after suffering from depression, she was only 49 when she died.

Jagger’s seven children are from various women, some amongst them are Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger, Luciana Gimenez Morad and Jerry Hall.