Alexander Skarsgård has been promoting the new Tarzan film he is featuring in called The Legend of Tarzan, yet when speaking to a reporter for Pride Source he ended up telling us just what it was like to film the gay scenes of True Blood and how he actually enjoyed them.

Alexander Skarsgård is praised by LGBT community

The 39-year-old Swedish actor gains many fans for his good looks and hunk of a body but he has revealed that he also gains a lot of support from the LGBT community. He has been very warmly welcomed from the gay community thanks to his experiences with gay acting in HBO hit series True Blood which is a dark fantasy series airing from 2008-2014 and is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries which is a series of novels written by Charlaine Harris.

Alexander Skarsgård grew up with homosexuality being just as normal as heterosexuality

In an interview with Pride Source, Skarsgård gives details of how it was to act out the gay scenes and how flattered he is to have so much support and respect from LGBT fans. Speaking about the role he said : “It’s always been the most natural thing to me because my uncle and godfather is a gay man and so growing up, even as a little toddler, it was just as natural as being straight. My aunt would show up with her husband and my uncle would show up with his husband. He was, by far, of my father’ four siblings, the most fashionable and the most friendly, cool guy. So when I was a kid, he was the one I looked up to.

I thought he was really badass: fit and awesome and cool, and obviously not because he was gay.”

He continued “When I became a teenager and the kids made fun of other teenagers who were gay, I never really understood that. It jut baffled me because my idol, my godfather, was gay, and he was the coolest guy I knew. I just couldn’t understand how that could be an insult.

In True Blood Skarsgård portrayed a pansexual vampire, there were two main gay scenes that he had to play, Skarsgård said they were “incredible scenes. I love this scene...that was the first gay sex scene I had on ‘True Blood’ … I just said ‘it’s going to be an amazing scene and we’re going to be very happy with it forever. If we hold back, that’s when it gets awkward.” Skarsgård’s approach is just to dive in and be as committed to the scene as possible so that is seems as natural as it can be.