The 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac) was held last week and attendees were questioned about their opinion of President Donald Trump's job performance as well as the country's current immigration policies. Most of the 1,150 conservatives who responded to the survey said they overwhelmingly approve of the president. In addition, the CPAC poll found 75 percent want many immigration programs terminated or at least more restricted in exchange for leaving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in place. A report by the Washington Times was used for most of the information in this article.

Despite flaws, conservatives love President Trump

According to the CPAC poll results, President Trump received a 93 percent approval rating from attendees. Last year, his approval rating at CPAC was 86 percent. Roughly 79 percent of respondents to the CPAC poll want the House and Senate to cooperate more often with the president.

While the survey resulted in high approval numbers for President Trump, no one is perfect, and the number of tweets the president sends out is one apparent fault. About 40 percent thought the number of tweets is just too many and 37 percent see the tweets as annoying. However, 35 percent want President Trump to tweet more.

DACA stays but other immigration programs need to go

One question on the survey was written to find out conservative views related to several immigration policies, including the Diversity Lottery and the "Catch-and-Release" programs.

Nearly all the respondents would accept a deal on DACA, a policy that would allow about 800,000 illegal aliens to stay in the country, only if other immigration policies were ended. Just over 20 percent do not want any kind of deal.

Americans are feeling better about the nation

Another poll, conducted by Rasmussen and published Friday (Feb.

23), revealed almost 50 percent of likely voters approve of President Trump's job performance. While it differs from many other polls that show lower figures, the high rating seems to reflect the recent boost in the economy and a growing feeling among Americans that the country is headed in a positive direction.

The Washington Times, McLaughlin & Associates, and the American Conservative Union put together the recent CPAC poll. CPAC is held every year, and it remains the most prominent gathering of conservative activists in the country. Gaylord National Resort and Convention in National Harbor, Maryland, hosted this year's event.