Today's article about episode 10 season 6 of Game of Thrones is focused on some theories about the main characters who will see in the next episode.The show will move forward with Jon Snow and Sansa Stark's storyline, Jaime, Cersei, Bran Stark, Tyrion, and Daenerys

Bran and the Tower of Joy scene

Just after the "Battle of the Bastards,"Jon Snow says he'll bury Rickon Stark in the crypts below Winterfell. Fans believe that Jon Snow might discover the truth about his real parents while he's down in the crypts. Indeed, in episode 10 we will see the continuation of the Tower of Joy scene during a Bran's vision when he visited it with the Three-Eyed Raven.

We know that Ned Stark finds her sister Lyanna dying after she gave birth to Raegar Targaryen's son (which might be Jon Snow).

So where does Bran factor into all this? The crypts below Winterfell could be the place in which Jon was born, so the 2 story lines could collide in a perfect way. Meanwhile, we will also see the White Walkers again. They could play some sort of important role in a battle for Westeros. We know that they were created by the Children of the Forest, and they are similar to zombies. They can walk through fire and see greenseers.

Littlefinger’s intentions

Littlefinger and his Knights of the Vale seem to have the upper hand in determining the future of the North. Jon and Sansa do owe him a very big favor.

In the video trailer of the episode finale of GoT, Littlefinger says to Sansa: "I thought you knew what I wanted." Littlefinger is going to ask Sansa to marry him; his help always seems to come at a price. He would try to secure a very powerful position both in the North. Could a marital union between Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish really happen?

Walder Fray: what is his role?

The video trailer for episode 10 shows another scene in Riverlands withWalder Frey, Lord of the Crossing, that proposes a toast to "The Lannisters and the Freys.” Also, Jaime is seen standing before Walder Frey at the Twins. In that scene, Walder Frey makes a toast to an audience that seems to be made up of Lannister and Frey soldiers.

Many fans are predicting a second "Red Wedding" fiasco. A fan's theory believe that Arya will approach Ser Walder Frey at the high table and insert Needle squarely into his heart. Could Walder Frey finally get the death he deserves?

Jon and his difficult decision

After winning against Ramsey,Jon has many enemies, but also many more responsibilities to his friends. That's why in the video trailer we see that Davos will ask Jon to deal with Melisandre. What will he do? Will he punish Melisandre or defend her against Davos after everything she's done for him?We're pretty sure Jon Snow's journey back to Winterfell has come to an end.

Daenerys Targaryen's plan: the aftermath of her own great battle

Episode 9 of GoT was focused on Daenerys Targaryen's plan and her conflict with the Masters of Meereen.

In episode 10, we will see Daenerys has a means to get her armies to King's Landing. The Greyjoy siblings offered 100 ships and warned her about Euron. Inepisode9, we saw that Tyrion was quick to remind Daenerys of her father’s evil ways. Daenerys’ situation isn’t that different from her father’situation many years ago. In her father’s case, Jaime ended up putting a sword through his back to save King’s Landing. For this reason, Tyrion suggests an alternative. He seems to be afraid of the negative aftermath of the attack against King’s Landing

The High Sparrow will hold a trial

Cersei probably isn't prepared for a trial, but she has other plans brewing. Cersei will do something crazy to get out of her predicament. There are many popular theoriesand predictions about what will happen.

Game of Thronesseason 6 episode 10 will air June 26 on HBO.