In this article there are many key prediction from season 6's trailers we have yet to see. Here are 7 things that could happen in the last 9 &10 episodes of GOT.

1. Jon Snow will win the Battle against Ramsey

Jon Snow did not get resurrected just to die in battle, as we have described in the previous article. Ramsay, on the other hand, has been marching toward the death. Jon will survive, while Ramsay will die in the episode's final scene. However also Tormund, the great, ginger-bearded warrior has to die.

2. Cersei will burn down the Great Sept

In the 10h episode titled ‘The Winds Of Winter’, we will see Cersei faces her trial.

Cersei will need to prove her innocence of the crimes she is accused. After Cersei has been backed into a corner by the High Sparrows; we have seen that when she has provoked, she lashes out.She's head-strong, angry and uber-protective of her children, Tommen. However Cesey’ life is linked to a prophecy that Cersei was told by a witch, named Maggy The Frog, when she was a young girl. Maggy told Cersei that she was to become queen and have 3 children, that Cersei will see die. But the tragic fate also affects his life because the second part of the book series, reveals that Cersei will be killed by someone referred to as “the Valonqar.”

In GOT language, the word Valonqar means “little brother.” So Cersei could be killed her younger and hated brother, Tyrion or Jaime.

Indeed Jaime is her younger twin. Fans theory believe that Jaime could be the murderer. The reason is connecting with a fire of King’s Landing. Jaime would prevent her from destroying King’s Landing with Wildfire, the flammable liquid that was also used by the Mad King and Tyrion to win the Battle of the Blackwater. It's plausible that Jamie will face the same confrontation that happened with The Mad King.

Cersay might have designed a plan to destroy the King’s Landing and run away with Jaime

3.Arya will return to Westeros

Arya Stark will get at least one scene back on Westerosi turf. In 8 episode she said: I'm going home”. Fans theory believe that Arya will tick three names off her list. This doesn't mean she'll be kill them, of course, but some characters like Beric Dondarrion, Melisandre, Walder Frey, the Mountain and Cersei are all potential targets.

There are rumors that believe Cersei is at the top of her list, though we probably won’t see an Arya-Cersei confrontation until both their schedules are cleared

4. Tommen will die.

According with Maggy the Frog’ prophecy Tommen will be next to go. There are many different theories about how this might happen. Loras Tyrell has been disfigured in a fire, that's why it could start a fire at the Great Sept. However also in Martin's books, Ser Kevan is already dead .

5. The Greyjoys will arrive in slaver's bay

In Episode 10th The Greyjoys will help Daenerys fend off the invading slave masters. The Greyjoys would also give her a handy fleet of ships

6. Varys will not betray Daenerys

A Dance with Dragons ends with Varys returning to King's Landing to dispatch Pycelle and Ser Kevan.

In the 8th episode we have seen him leaving Tyrion to set off on a "secret mission." He mentions needing friends in Westeros and ships. Some fan believe that Varys is going to betray Daenerys Targaryen, though he left just before the slaver's fleet's assault to Meereen, this theory is probably wrong because he knew that she's the only one who can rule the Seven Kingdoms. Varys is actually going to seek allies in Westeros because the Dornish have a fleet and an army.

7. Bran and the White Walkers

After the "Hold the Door" episode, we have seen the Others try to reach Bran and Meera, who finally survived the undeads' assault and they have passed the Wall. Indeed Benjen Stark helped Bran get away from the Night’s King, the White Walkers' leader. However we haven't yet seen the Others attacking the Wall. Many fans believe that they were actually waiting for Ben, since they can’t pass the Wall due to the Wall's magical defense.